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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Planning ahead

These are two pamphlets on canning from the Kerr company, the red one dates from 1962; and the red one from 1961. they include lots of basic info on canning using pressure canning and water canning. It also tells how to freeze in their jars as well. They include a few recipes in each as well. I found these in a thrift store and paid less than $.25 a piece. (The store was having a $1 bag day). It does even tell you about problems you might have after storage, and why they happen. The recipes include jellies, jams, pickles, and what to do with your canned stock for meals. Yes, it also tells you how to can meat.

In the next few days Silver and I are going to go through our seed catalogs and decide on the seeds we will order come the end of the month. We plan to order even tomato and pepper seeds even though we will not have the space to start them indoors this year, I would like to have them for next year just in case. It never hurts to be prepared, and i was a girl scout way back when. I still need to go out and buy the straw bales for the potatoes and my "onion experiment", though I do not think that will be an issue. We were planning on container gardening this year as we would need tons of amendments to make the soil here good, it is hard clay once you get down about an inch. We still need to get the containers though, however i do have one for lettuces to go into. Silver had a lock box and the lock on it broke so with the lid gone i am going to use it to grow my lettuces.

Silver and I watched "Endgame" and I have to say it made me think a tad bit more about how soon I want to be eating only what I produce. I know I have to be producing first so it will take a season or two at least. This is also another reason for buying our seeds even if we will not use them this year. Also the goings on with the "Food Safety Modernization Act", we already know the President will sign it into law. I have my doubts about the Supreme Court saying no to it. So I will try to get my family set up the best as I can.

This will also include some changes in our current diet,I have been buying soda recently as I kinda fell in love with the "throw back" sodas that came out and I found a place that still had the Pepsi and Mountain Dew flavors. Well after a week of being sick and eating non-healthy foods for the last few days. I got up this morning made a nice breakfast sandwich with those lovely eggs we got some bread and cheese and only drank water. Funny thing is I felt much better after eating that, than what we've been eating the last few days. So soda is on the outs in my house, so will snack foods and any sugary dessert I cannot make myself. I think if it is prepared totally by me from ingredients I know about maybe it won't affect me as much. It was nice to be full of energy again, granted it was probably the flu that was making me feel so yucky.

Also with silver being a diabetic and wanting to be off meds fully our diet has got to change for the better. He is on a brewer's yeast supplement right now and I think it is helping him a bit. It is hard to tell yet though as we just started him on it. I think in the next month I'll be doing a lot of recipes look ups online to find things I can make myself. My girls got use to eating pulled pork once a month so I am going to find a barbeque recipe first. Suggestions will be appreciated!

Be Well and Blessed Be...


  1. I know that here we have a lot of clay in the soil here also. In order to plant on the ground what I do is to first get the thin cheap plastic that is sold in with the painting supplies. I place it on the ground after I have removed the "weeds". Then I make individual "boxes" with wooden boards we get from a lumber yard that cuts the rough ends off. They work great for holding in the dirt and water. I fill the box that I have made with dirt and plant my seeds.
    To keep the cats from using these garden boxes as litter boxes I then put plastic over the top. With holes punched through it. I stand plastic forks, prong side up in the ground to hold the plastic in place and also keep the cats from climbing in and breaking off my tiny plants.
    As for my lettuces, I grow them in hanging baskets. This way I don't have to use any chemicals to keep the snails and slugs from eating it. If the summer sun gets too hot and it starts to wilt, then I can easily move the pots too.

  2. Thanks for the info. We do plan on making raised beds, however not this year as we really want to get our house worked on and get a chicken coop built. We figured using large containers like our "ruby ridge" neighbor would work for a year or two.

  3. Hi there... I have several seeds headed your way in March when we get there so don't buy too many. Will test sprout some this week so you know what will be coming; if you don't want them just pass them on. For now plan on: Green globe artichoke. burgandy okra, yellow crook-neck summer squash, gold nugget/delicata/waltham butternut/table queen winter squashes along with a few various tomatoes.. you know me; they will all be heirloooms.

    And as for keeping cats (and other animals) out of garden... try red oak leaves scattered if you have some place to get them.

  4. Thanks hon, I will keep that in mind when we order seeds.