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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Short days

Well I defiantly need to start getting up before 10:30am, I don't know why but since the kids had the Christmas vacation from school I've been unable to stay up after they go to school. I use to wake up at 6am no matter what and jump out of bed and work. With (today included) being above 40 and at least the next couple of days also being so warm, I am planning to do some yard work tomorrow; and manage to bake some bread. Hey anyone out there now a -GOOD- place to get sourdough starter?

Even though I do like the green movement and want to make our home a "green" farm right now we have a garbage pile and a burn pile. Well considering until recently there have been fire warnings locally we have not burned anything, and the dogs have been digging... so I have garbage strewn everywhere. I am going to kick myself in the butt and go get working on cleaning it up tomorrow after the kids go and I make breakfast for us. Any suggestions for bacon strips, bacon pieces, instant pancake mix, oat bran for a good breakfast that doesn't make you think you are eating bricks?

That bean soup last night according to Silver was wonderful... he also informed me that because it's a bean dish it will taste kind of bland, which is what I thought of it. I will try it again but make sure we have the onion and the potatoes to put in it.

Silver's been sleeping a lot the last couple of days and he's been doing it very deeply, worries me a bit but until our car is in better shape or we get another .. (or his Medicare kicks in) he said he's not going to a doctor; I think it might be his blood sugar but with his tester missing we don't risk the blood sugar meds right now. He use to take 3 pills 2x's a day and since moving here 1 once a day dropped his blood sugar way low. So I guess we are buying a new one this coming month so we can find out what the heck is going on.

We seem to have one winter casualty.. possibly 2. I am not sure I mentioned this but my son's cat went missing it's been 3? months now and we have not seen her (she's the calico); he is upset over her being missing. We think either the colder days or a coyote got her. The other possible casualty is the large black but skinny dog that decided to stay with us has not turned up this morning. Her and my white spotted one have been "wandering" in the evening, I'd let them outside to go.. and well they'd go. Two days ago she was curled up in the outside dog house and when she got up you could see her ankle was swollen. She had sprained it. She spent one whole day inside, then yesterday she went out with Lucky (the spotted one) and she has not come back. Normally I'll find her laying somewhere outside and she'll come streaking inside, not today; so who knows.

We finally finished off our 5 gallon bucket of rice, we will have to buy more this coming month which is a drive to shetlers grocery store about a 30 minute to an hour drive from here. Aside from it smelling like coca cola the rice kept well in it. The store also sells the food grade buckets cheap with the lids. We want to get another for sugar and maybe for flour.

Well thats all for right now,

Be Well and Blessed Be...


  1. We had a burn ban for a bit as well. As soon as there was a little snow falling, I set it all on fire!

  2. I'm hopinh to do something with it soon, our neighboe burned a brush pile the other day at 2am. so hey maybe thats the best time?

  3. We like to burn at night as you can see it better. If the county hasn't said there is a burn ban but your closest town does, you follow what the county has said.

  4. I hope your Silver feels better soon and your wayword creatures come home!

    here's a link to a post about washing hair with baking soda and rinsing with vinegar.

    If you shop at Shetlers we must not be to far from you.

  5. I guess the actual link would help :)

  6. Try to get the free meter before you buy one. Link is below. If this one doesn't work there are more postings for free meters on net (usually come with 10 test strips). Just gotta sift thru to find one.