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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Thinking of Food

Well I have a pot of chicken stock simmering away on my stove, we will be eating chicken soup on Monday. Yes, I realize that I am saying that it will be simmering until Monday, I tend to go for a long slow simmered soup that way I do not need to add any bullion to it; and the flavor is so much better.

We went grocery shopping today, which I will not normally do on a Saturday; but Silver and I both wanted some fresh vegetables and couldn't wait till Monday for the kids to go back to school. If you want to have a fun day take three children over the age of 9 grocery shopping on a Saturday, also stopping at the laundromat. I do have to say we did manage to completely avoid getting any soda what so ever today. We didn't even get the obligatory soda bottle while driving around. Maybe we will be able to avoid it after all.

On Tuesday we will be trying the stuffed acorn squash and I am so looking forward to it, my son however is not. Mr. Picky Eater will probably eat the stuffing and say he's done. Does anyone out there know what if any increase or decrease I would have to do if substituting honey for molasses. I could not find any molasses today which for me is very odd, I can always spot it in the store. So I shall have to try it with out.

I am considering trying a “sugar cakes” recipe from the booklet tomorrow; reading the recipe tells me it is probably a sugar cookie recipe in actuality. We will see how it turns out, if its not good I still have that chocolate cake recipe to get my sweet tooth with.

Sometime this month we are also going to try out “Dutch country Bean soup”, it looks fairly simple to make and I think I do have all the ingredients. It requires a ham bone, well we have one in our freezer somewhere, and we just bought another ham that was on sale today. I don't eat ham all that often and when we had it on New Years eve it reminded me how much I love the flavor of it.

As for the house, looks like yes we are going to go with a story and a half and try to build it on the old foundation. So the first thing we need to do is clear all the clutter out of it, maybe get a dozer and dig it down a little to see if a floor was poured or if it is just a footing all around. Who knows if we get the dozer maybe we could get the full cesspool dug the same day. Silver wants to make the posts we will use out of 3 smaller ones to make them stronger, and maybe save some money. I do think no matter what we do the roof and the insulation for it will be our biggest costs. We have decided to just go ahead and get the flooring we want, as it would be harder to change that after the fact than to paint a wall. So the next pay day for Silver we will be taking a day to go and hit the lumber store and start getting post timbers., lag bolts, and wood glue.

On another note considering the kids got two days off this week they are attending school on Monday even though they were not suppose to. I guess after the snows they had down here last year they want to keep the snow days open just in case.

Be Well and Blessed Be...

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