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Thursday, January 13, 2011


Well lets see the Scrapple didn't work out so well... smelled and tasted wonderful just before we put it away to set. When we took it out to cut and fry it smelled awful! It wouldn't hold together when i tried to fry it.. and it tasted worse than it smelled. The dogs loved it though. The next recipe I want to try is a stuffed acorn squash, that will have to wait till after we go grocery shopping on Monday.

It was very cold this morning, -1 degrees when I woke the kids up. Tuesday and Wednesday the kids had "snow days"... how 4 inches of snow constitutes a snow day I'll never know. They got bundled up and did their 1/2 mile walk to the bus this morning. Our home did stay in the 40's at least all night, and with blankets we were all very much comfy.

I think we almost have decided on our seeds for this year and Thanks Tink.. I will remember to keep some space open for any seeds you're willing to pass my way. I am looking for heirloom, non GMO seeds that do well in my clay soil and can tolerate drought conditions. Rianna is a head of us I'm afraid (grins) she's got her seed potatoes ordered. We are going to stop at the MFA to see if they have any of their plastic tubs that has cracks that I could buy for planting this year. Maybe they'd be cheaper too.

We have decided to completely cut out fast food from our diets, we don't need all that crud in our systems and it may save us money, which we will be needed to buy building supplies. I think Silver finally has the house plans finalized.. (crosses fingers), we keep reevaluating based on cost and nessesity. He is thinking on a story and a half house with just the kids' rooms in the upper portion. our room and kitchen/living, and bathroom downstairs. I do hope this one is it.

BE Well and Blessed Be...

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