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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Chain saws are Evil!

This lovely picture is of the chain saw we bought last year at a garage sale for $60 and then it was barely used... so unused in fact that the stickers looked brand new. Well just before the end of fall while we were still cutting up the trees we cut down it decided it would stop working.

Well this presents a couple of problems, first one is; we didn't finish cutting up the trees we cut down. Granted, where the house is going is OK for now, aside from one tree that needs to come down or we have to worry about weather making it come down on the house.

Second problem is, Silver took it apart this morning after we got back from doing our laundry. He cannot find anything wrong with it. He even dumped out the old gas, cleaned the whole thing and put in freshly mixed gas. He went out and bought a can of starter fluid to see if that would help... it didn't.

So now we need to ponder do we take it to a small engine repair place or just buy a new one? We should probably get a quote on repairing it, as a new one is at least $200; which was why at $60 it was a very good deal.

Silver is going to try to start it again as he is not willing to give up on it, and when we first got it we discovered it starts slowly.

We are having a bit of excitement though with the nice weather as it is costing us less to do our laundry now that we can hang it again so we did some yesterday, did some today and we will do more tomorrow (after our bills get paid). I have discovered until it is warm enough to do all my plantings the "feed buckets" I bought yesterday make great dirty laundry pails. Now if I can just get the kids to give me all the dirties they have hid...

Be Well and Blessed Be...

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