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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Yard sale and thrift store finds!

Well we had a verrrrrrry long day today, we left almost an hour after the kids left for school determined to get bills paid and do laundry. We also were going to stop at what appears to be the first yard sale of the year All I have to say is WOW! The following is a run down of what we found and bought. Dream hon, this first one is for you!

This is one of 2 BOXES of jars I bought for $14. They are all quart jars wide and narrow mouthed. They are a mix of store jars, Mason, and Kerr jars. There are about 16 of the "canning" jars and maybe 6 of the "store" jars (store meaning they were mayo, etc). Within these boxes of the "canning" jars I did notice that some of the jars are old! The outside of the jars have different type face or wording a few have decorations on them. One to my pleasant surprise (Mason brand), was a bicentennial edition jar. I am very happy about that one as I was born in 1976.

And here is what 8 of those jars are doing (hey Jon that "store" jar is yours waiting in the freezer here!):

This was great timing for me with this find in these jars as I did need something to freeze my homemade spaghetti sauce in! Yes, that is 8 quart jars 3/4's of the way full; they are all sitiing in the freezer right now.

This is our next "good buy", these loaf pans were $.50 a piece and they are very heavy and appear to be barely used! I'm goign to try to make a "loaf" with my "no knead" recipe tomorrow wish me luck!

Next is this beautiful oil lamp, it was a steal at $2; it even comes with a wall bracket! It's sitting with our other oil lamp that is empty right now, I'm so happy I have 4 oil lamps; 2 are wall hanging ones. I love the design on the lamp shade.

These 2 books were $.25 total, I picked up the garden one to see if there was anything useful in it. If it does I am sure I will post the book's full title and ISBN number in a later post. The other is a minor history of raising sheep.

We have one of these already but this one is "finer toothed" than our one, if you do not know it is a hand weeder. We bought it for $.75, and you swing it almost like a golf club to cut weeds down. Silver thinks it's made for grasses.

Silver says this is a "garden rake", if you know it as something else or what it does... let me know. We got it for $1, those blades go both directions and Silver said it's for weeding in the garden. To me it looks like it would be good for "cultivating" the soil prior to growing, again if you know what it is and it's for please... let me know!

This pickax was only $.75 the handle is still good though a little rough. It needs a good sanding and resealing. Silver will probably sharpen it.

Well, we got this desk chair for Silver his last one is falling apart. We paid $1 for it and Silver said he'd have paid $1 just for the wheels on it! Odd thing... it's the same color as his last chair! Now I did get a pair of boots for working in there as well for $6 they are black all leather "Chippewa" brand, from the little I know that was a very good deal!

Now we did find a new thrift store that is so peaceful that I'd never take my kids into it(sorry kids). How ever we did find to good things there, and weird we would not have found it if we were not heading for the health food store in the same strip mall.

This was very interesting, Silver says this knife is made from high carbon steel. we both think it's a boning knife, hard to tell as it is "handmade". We paid $5 for it and Silver says we were lucky it was where the people didn't realize what it was. I do think the idea of putting a new edge on it has made him very happy today.

This is the last thing we got a set of 3 crocks, the set was $5 at the thrift store and I am going to see if I can put my "sourdough" in the largest one. Well everyone happy hunting at any yard sales and thrifts stores you head too!

Be Well and Blessed Be...


  1. Great finds! I love the lantern, we have several too! Just think of all the monies you saved buying secondhand verses new.*wink* Makes me feel good, how about you?


  2. Thanks Kelle, I love "finding" oil lamps we're going back there this morning Silver saw a grinder he wants and we had no room in the car yesterday with all the laundry in there too!:D

  3. The garden rake is used in lawn work to cut through an pull up thatch -- usually called a lawn rake or thatch rake -- you use it by pulling towards you and if the blades are angled right the cut down into the soil slicing through thatch.

  4. Really great finds! Especially the canning jars!

  5. Don't know if this will get to you, but haven't seen Riven on FV lately. Is all well with you?