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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Early planting!

First I'd like to pint out the newest link on the side here, it's a map of the gas prices across the USA; so if you are going on a trip or are just curious you can take a peek.

This little onion sprout is on the edge of my potato "bed", I have spent a little time (and money) buying and planting some potatoes and onions today. The local grocery store had seed potatoes at $0.49 a pound! Well, even though we ordered some seed potatoes online today:

It's an heirloom, and a white medium sized potato so it should be good for us. Anywho... we got some Irish seed potatoes, and I cut and planted them today. Yes, I know it's a little early; but I want to see if I can get them to sprout this early. Also as I have never grow potatoes before I want to try out a few things I have read up on, one of which is growing them in cut grass or straw. This one I am trying this year, however I do have them "starting" in straight goat manure leftover from last year. As they grow we will add straw instead of dirt mounding them higher.

I have started planting my onion sets as well, yes again I know it's early. This is something I have experience planting since I was little, and again I want to see how early I can plant them here. I have only planted them on the outside of my potato plot.. kinda a way to show where the potatoes are and hopefully to make the plants unappealing to other animals. We will see if this winds up a good companion planting or not.

Now this pot (which by the way is from our holiday tree that didn't make it over winter), has some garlic that sprouted in my garlic container. We are going to see if they will grow or not. This pot again only has goat manure in it leftover from last year. We tried growing some sprouted garlic last year, but as it was planted in the clay soil it did not do well after a couple of weeks. We are hoping this will work better.

Speaking of pots, today at the MFA we picked up 5 cracked feed buckets that we are going to use as planting pots this year. At $3 a piece it was a very good deal, they only have one large crack in each bottom; which as we'd have to drill holes in them otherwise is a good thing.

Another good deal we have come across is for our toilet, as we are using a "sawdust" toilet we are always looking for cheap sawdust. Well there is a lumber mill near here that we can buy sawdust for $10 for a pickup truck full. well, all we need now is a pickup, until then we found out at the MFA that they have bales of sawdust/shavings for $5 for 7 cubic yards. We were paying $6 at Wal-mart for 4 cubic yards so it's a much better deal and 7 cubic yards lasts at least 3 weeks.

Well other than bread making, laundry drying and smelling this wonderful roast I'm making for dinner; nothing else going on here today.

Be Well and Blessed Be...

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