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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

We're back!

Well we're back after having our internet off for a few weeks due to not paying the outrageous initial payment they wanted. You know I'm use to phone companies who stretch the set up cost over a period of 6 months. Seems this one does break it up into 2 months. While we can handle the “actual” cost of our services through them that much for each month we just could not handle. We paid them back on the 25th which is when I received my tax refund and we were told the internet would not be back on till late Tuesday. Seems they need to turn it on at the substation in town and the service man does not go there aside from once a week.

Speaking of my tax refund... I'd like to take a moment to complain about something. Now I do not have TV here we do watch movies but we cannot get a TV signal here even for local. So after I went to H&R Block to get my taxes done and the gentleman (who did a poor job) finished filing it for me. He informs me after all the work that we could no longer get the 2 day money... well.. that irked me just a tad. I only go to their offices because of 2 day money I know how to do my own taxes and so I paid out an extra $500 from my refund just for having them do it. Well I am not going there again!

Oh, I'd like to thank those people who were worried about us while our net was down!

As for updates...

New additions:

3 kitties

2 chain saws

1 sling shot

1 printer

1 more pair of eye glasses for my daughter (3 in 6 months...)

18 chicks 2 of which are turkeys

Here are a few of the pics I took of our work while we were offline:

I Have a few of this same area

And here is a picture of our chocolate lab watching "dog TV":

When we were in New York she loved chasing the chickens we had there, and because she loves babies we aren't sure if she likes them because they are birds or babies...

Well I do have more pics and more to talk about and I will hopefully get more written up for everyone to see either later today or tomorrow. I will also see if I can get pics of our newest kitties too be I am not sure if "momma" will let me. Oh! Here is the breakdown for the chickens:

11 Rode Island Reds

2 Polish Crested

3 unknown mixes

and of course our 2 bronze turkeys

the kids of course wanted ducks (no honey we don't have a pond) and geese (same reason honey), and of course they don't want to listen to that one bit. We are hoping to pick up a pressure canner sometime in the next month so I can can my spaghetti sauce at least.

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  1. YIPPPEEE ! ! ! So very glad you all are back. We have updates for you, also and will try to call tomorrow to give them to you. As in all life; some good, some bad.

    Miss You and can't wait to talk then actually see you.