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Friday, March 4, 2011

A few more Finds (no pics this time sorry)

Well we went back to the same yard sale we went to yesterday as Silver wanted to buy a grinder they had there marked at $10. Well the grinder is still there and we found out why. It seems the motor is not included, it was being sold sperately(sp?) for $20; not going to buy that whole thing for $30 and the motor was sold already.

We did get a full sized file cabinet for $2 including what ever was in it, aside from the junk manuals in it there was one other thing. It was a book called "The Home WorkPlace", it was published by "Organic Gardening and Farming" back in 1981; original in 1978. I can't wait to read it, it has some building plans in it one is a wooden brooder.

We picked up 3 more books there:

Wild Edible Plants of North America by Donald R. Kirk, copyright 1975

Wildlife in your garden or Dealing with Deer,Rabbits,Raccoons,moles,crows,sparrows, and Other of Nature's Creatures, by Gene Logsdon, copyright 1983

The Wilderness Cabin, by Calvin Rutstrum, copyright 1976

We have also bought a 15lb bucket of pinto beans that I'm going to see if they sprout if not... we'll eat them got it for $2. We got a "tarp" bag of random clothes for $.25 most of which turned out to be towels. A large plastic tub filled with very old Tupperware for $.75. We have a whole bag of mosquito netting we bought for $2 (garbage bag full), 2 sets of sheets for our bed for $5. I found a very nice winter coat for me that was only worn enough for her to get it cleaned and learn she didn't want to pay the cost of cleaning it anymore (it's leather!) for $5. We bought a stove pipe T that has a damper in it for $.50. I wish we had more spending money and a truck they had a chest freezer that was about 30 cubic feet for $10 they were using it for storing feed, but even if it didn't work I bet Silver could have fixed it. We had so much fun there this morning, can't wait to see more opening up this year never know what you might find.

Depending on the weather tonight and tomorrow morning we may be going out with the kids to "flag" the ground we are going to build the house on. So we can show them exactly where we need to finish clearing, at least we hope it'll motivate them to get it done when they are sooooooo "bored". We have picked up some cheap work gloves so we can move as much bramble out as we can, so much wild black raspberry and roses I'll not have to go far to make jelly! I am hoping to try my hand at jelly making this year (if we ever manage to get the equipment), discovering my son likes gooseberry jam I need to plant some gooseberries.

The kids are going to hate dinner tomorrow night we have a pot of stock simmering away on the stove, it was suppose to be chicken; however it's going to be a tad more like vegetable. discovered when I pulled out my dried broccoli that seems someone shook the jar it's in as when I went to pour some out into my hand all I got where just the flowers and no stems at all.

So lets see in an hour or two I get to go "treasure" hunting in my Tupperware box and see what we bought.

Be Well and Blessed be...

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