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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

sNOw FUN...

Well, today was a snowy day; supposedly a blizzard. So far I've seen heavy snow, after we got lots of freezing rain. Due to when Silver gets his checks every month we needed to run to the store.. that was so much fun... The ride there wasn't bad a couple of slides due to icy roads, we had only had a little bit of snow at this point. We decided so we could be quick we went to Wal-mart, and I saw the funniest thing, they were out of ; eggs, butter (I got the last 2 lbs), water (which I expected). Now they were almost out of toilet paper, cereal, flour, and sugar. Mind you the canned meat isle was still half full. I know if you have propane or a wood burner you can cook without power... but if the power did go out the non-perishables would be a better choice.

This is what it looked like when we left Wal-mart at about 10:30, it had started snowing heavily and the parking lot was a sloppy mess. Not to mention the ride home... We took it slow, but still about 50% of the time we were sliding on the road. Then on the dirt road before our dirt road we almost didn't get past the turn onto it. Our wheels kept spinning and we'd get about half up the first little hill and get stuck. Took us ten minutes to get moving up that little hill then down the road. Once we got moving though we were fine. Speaking of the fun driving, Silver in his infinite wisdom knowing I am an anxious person in the car. Before we left this morning asked me if I was going to being a cup of tea with to drink, now granted my cup is an insulated cup that once had a lid. It no longer does, so i spent the ride out worrying about spilling hot tea on myself instead of the road.

they have already called off school for tomorrow and considering our "Slip Sliding Away" ride home from the store, I would not want to drive a school bus down these roads either. I did have a minor scare, my mother who lives up by Chicago has MS; I have spent a day and a half trying to call her to see if she's OK with this lovely storm. She just returned my phone call and let me know she is fine and does not plan on going anywhere tomorrow.

So for the next day at least we are going to tuck in and watch some movies and do nothing until the weather decides to co-operate with us and be nice again. I do hope where ever everyone lives they are warm and safe tonight.

Be Well and Blessed Be...

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