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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

For those who celebrate it Happy Easter Morning, and for those like me who do not, Good Sunday Morning. I have finally gotten all of our plants and they have been planted. This includes all of the “screen” trees we ordered. Those have been planted along our road just far enough back so if they have to dig up the electric line that the one neighbor put in they shouldn't be bothered. There are 26 (only suppose to be 25) hybrid willow's, 5 Russian olive (not edible), 2 honey suckle (the third is in the garden for bee attractant), and 6 poplars. We have almost fully done the road line on our property. We are hoping they will grow in well and hide our property a bit.

Now considering Silver has promised his son if he does well in school he will go visit I can say that we have bought a van. It is a 1989 GMC conversion van, that the back seat turns into a bed. It is going to be useful when we take my kids to visit their grandmother this summer. We spent a good deal of money buying it and getting it on the road, but it is worth it. We love it, we also spent Thursday cleaning the interior; oh the conversion is a camper. We only had to do one real repair to get the van inspected, replacing a part on the brakes; thankfully it only cost $9. Incidentally the plates in this picture are not the correct ones.

So we got ourselves a Spring gift.. or it could be considered an early birthday gift for me.

Be Well, Be Safe, and Blessed Be...

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