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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I have Pictures!

Ok, I got the camera working finally... seems I had the batteries in the wrong way.  Figures right?  Then we tried downloading the correct software for the camera to this computer and it kept not working.  So I had to go dig out my computer to try and "work" on the pictures... so I've had some fun with it...  Anyway here are my pictures to fully update everyone:

First up is the van again.. and note this is the "after legal" picture:

I love the color I swear I do.. especially since the picture on Craigslist looked a tad brown.  I like this red shade, the interior carpet is a light blue and the "trim" is all done in wood.

Now I mentioned that my girls were fostering/training some hunting pups, here they are:

Aren't they cute?  The guy who owns them is selling them as they are now for $1500, when he first brought them over with no training they were wroth $900; and that is price a piece.

Now onto my plant pictures!

This one I took just to show how many blackberry canes are in our "clearing" right now... guess who's gonna have a lot of black berry jam this year?

This of course is some red cabbage, they are in the box that my tomatoes were in last year, this year when these "guys" are done the cucumbers will be planted here.  As you can see they are BIG, I always feel like they are going to reach out and grab me as I walk past.

This is one of the two Elderberries I planted last year, this is the more "bushy" one; all of the "branches" have about a 1/2 inch to 1 inch of growth on them.

So does it's twin:

I swear this one is going to be a monster when it gets to maturity!

This, if you can see it well; is most of my onions for this year.  All they are growing in is some of my "finished" compost, chicken manure/straw, and I think perlite.  On top of our clay-ey soil and we just kinda pushed the sets in.. I did transplant the onions I started inside and they are the first row on the right side.

This is my volunteer potato growing in the spot we had them last year that later became our compost pile.  I have another volunteer one growing out of this year's compost pile.  Also the seed potatoes I planted have not grown very big as yet and I wonder if they have too much sun as the ones last year were in partial to full shade.

This pretty little thing is the Rosemary that I transplanted last fall, it survived and has new growth on it.  I do hope it gets very big.  to the left, the light green leaves is I think coriander, and also near it is a tarragon and catmint from last year as well!

This here is my newest the Black Current I planted with Silver's help yesterday, it seems to be doing the "wilt after transplant" that I'm use to seeing.  I had bought two small ones of these last year and both got  trampled(?) or eaten(?) by the deer that graze here.  I am hoping to see flowers on this possibly this year.

This little thing is a Goji Berry, I ordered it as I wanted to see if it tastes good seeing as how for some time a lot of "health nuts" said that it's good for you.  Also I like to try new things and don't mind adding new flavors if they taste good.  If it doesn't I can always mix it into a jam or use it to feed our chickens.

this is one of my two Russian Tea trees, I am so happy to get some tea plants.  I also hope the flavor of this black tea is good.  The two little trees seem to be enjoying their new homes, I just need to go through and make sure the blackberry bramble doesn't crowd them out.

This is one of our four wintergreen plants, when they arrived from RainTree they still had some berries on them and I tried one.  It has a very nice mildly minty flavor.  So between leaves and the berries it should provide another nice tea.  Also I am hoping the berries dry well for a nice addition to winter stews.

..and of course this is one of the Rhubarb that we got from RainTree as well.  This happens to be our biggest "plant" right now, even though I know some of the other crowns were bigger.  This one just took off the fastest.  It is bigger than the leaves of the crown we planted last year that survived.  I will make this stament.. if you buy anything from RainTree... DEFIANTLY  get your Rhubarb crowns from them, they were huge when they showed up and they grew fast.  The reason they are growing at different rates is I planted each crown slightly differently in depth and how much cover they had so it's a matter of how much they had to "fight" to grow.  they are all growing and that is the important thing.

Well... I did not get my weeding done, I will be doing it tomorrow morning after the kids head off to school. I shall also be starting to harvest my lettuce before it takes over and I will take pictures of what's in that bed once I can show which plants I intended to be there.  Right now it's hard to tell where the intended plants are and not the Lambs Quarters are... oh well..  That's it for now...

Be Well Be Safe, and Blessed Be...

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  1. Ugh! All your green veggie plants make me realize how far behind I am in getting stuff outside in the dirt! Better get a move on!