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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

..The impact of commercials

Now I Know This is a picture of that awful stuff that Monsanto makes and sells to the general public as a "must have" for anyone wanting to get rid of the most "stubborn" weeds.  I want to make a point with it...  I was watching the news when the most recent commercial for this product appeared on the TV.  It has the "Hit the Road Jack" music for the background sound and a bunch of "weeds" being "kicked to the curb".  The final scene in it is what I think is a plantain climbing on a bus with a bunch of other "weeds" bending over to look at the newcomer.

I wonder if the people that buy this "stuff" every year notice that the product has gotten supposedly "stronger" over the years.. I say "supposedly" as I saw somewhere (and I hope someone points out where it is) that a gardener that had an old bottle looked at the label from then to a more current one and the concentration was lower.  Now  even if that is true... if the chemical cocktail is really so good, so wonderful; why would they need to make as in the picture "extended control"?  Why would they need to make a "Max" version?  Does it make sense to you?

Now as for the commercial... I remember watching it a couple of days ago as my kids remarked at how cute the "weeds" were.  My 15yr old thought the work they did on the animation was great as they looked so real.  After seeing their reactions to the commercial itself, and what it was accociated with; is it a ploy to get the attention of kids too?  What the H_ _ _ does making a commercial about weed killer cute do for it besides making a kid want to use it.   ..and considering it's dangerous for a kid to use it why would you want that?

Hey folks... why make a poison look cute to a child, come on people... what happens when "Jr" wants to do the work in the yard because the commercials say that you should use it to get rid of these "bad" plants.  Monsanto needs to not make their advertisements geared towards kids.

Think about it....

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  1. You are assuming that Monsanto has morals or ethics.