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Saturday, April 21, 2012

USDA to let Chicken producers self inspect

I read this and almost choked on my cup of tea this morning:

Seems the USDA is planning to let the chicken industry selfinspect their own chickens, some how I don't think the money they are "saving" ($85 million over 3 years) is going to be a good thing.  I imagine that all of the bad that currently comes from the factory chicken production will continue to get worse, and it will be due to lax inspection statuses.

I hope at least some of the chicken producers wind up "being big" and do things properly.  However I suggest people start only buying free range eggs and meat unless you grow them yourself.   As if you grow them yourself you are responsible if you hurt yourself, so you tend to make sure you know what is and isn't going on with your meat.

Keep your eyes open folks, and watch what you eat...

Be Well, Be Safe, and Blessed Be...


  1. I heard this the other day and thought "what a disaster waiting to happen".
    Maybe now I can talk my hubby into raising meat birds.

  2. So, the USDA lets these factories with scathing reports and documented violations self-inspect, while they continue to spend MILLIONS on arming jack-booted thugs to descend upon family farms and destroy a family's livelyhood for the nerve of selling milk or cheese or pork (that had NO evidence or instances of sickness). Yup. Makes perfect sense.

  3. Fullfreezer,

    yep I agree on the raising the meat birds and I -WILL- find a way to do it next year.


    I really wonder what will happen when we have more outbreaks of food borne illness due to this... and it really is silly going after people who sell the truly good foods while letting this garbage go on.

  4. Honestly don't have a problem with it. Most slaughter houses only get inspected once every 5 years. The USDA has even been sued in the past by a meat processing plant to get the USDA to actually do a yearly inspection of their facility. Which is what they are suppose to do any way. In the past self regulated entities tend to fair better if held to a higher standard by peers, or same type entities.

    This is mainly a wait and see game.