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Friday, April 20, 2012

A New Batch of Babies on the Homestead

Well... our dog Paris who was suppose to be spayed... seems to not be.  A couple of days ago when we were out planting the black current I mentioned to Silver that it looked like her nipples were getting big.  Then this morning when I went out to feed her and Midnight I was surprised to find 4 chocolate lab pups squalling.  So we brought momma inside and her babies:

I'd love to have a few words with the vet that told us she was "fixed"... were had planned on getting her done before we moved here but the vet told us she was already.   Uh huh... my 5-6yr old dog just had puppies... yep... she's "fixed".  Oh well, can't do much besides taking care of it now.

Hey Tink... I was wrong this morning... we now have 6:

This picture is a little deceiving... there are 5 chocolate and one black, they all seem to be doing fine.. and Paris doesn't seem to be having any more.

So in about 4-5 months.. anyone want a puppy.. they are hunting line...

Happy Friday!

Be Well, Be Safe, and Blessed Be....

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  1. Oops... I'd be having a word with that vet!!