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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Well Troubles and a "weedy"day

 Well to all those people that cheered when we got our well first running, we had a brief scare yesterday. Yesterday afternoon our water stopped flowing... Silver went out and the well tank was empty. Silver tested all the wires, and it was getting power. However... there was 2 things wrong with it. #1. There was a “bug” between 2 of the connectors interrupting the circuit.
#2. We discovered that the control box was not fully “connecting” with all the connections.

So we got rid of the bug and then duct taped the whole box in the correct spot. I am heading out later today to do my (groans) weeding that I've been putting off, as I can't stand doing it. However I'm going to take a close friend's suggestion and use meditation while doing it... I'm gonna plug into my ipod and “tune out” the activity. I'm also hoping to get some pictures done of the garden and so forth. If I manage to get some I'll be back on to post them. I'm ready to start harvesting our lettuce, and my red cabbages are ready to start grabbing people they are so big.... and they are only starting to “head”.

I am doing laundry this morning and I will be going out between loads to plant our new very pretty black current out in our “berry patch”. Though with the cherry bushes I imagine “berry patch” is a slight misnomer.

The day lilies are starting to put out new greens so they are doing well... however I think only one of the banana trees have survived. Our trees/shrubs we have planted along our road are getting leaves... and I can't wait to see them grow this year.

That's all for now,

Be Well, Be Safe, and Blessed Be...

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