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Monday, April 23, 2012

Hi there everyone.. it is such a lovely morning today!  Despite the chilly temps that is, take a look at what I picked up for lunch today:

Course, not my lettuce plats look a little weak now; but we will enjoy it!  It's just going to be the lettuce, those couple of early onions, and a tomato that we bought (ugh) that is in the fridge, a lite vinaigrette and lunch will be served.  Maybe we'll add some chicken.. but I doubt it.

I wound up taking a lovely walk down to the mail box this morning, as I forgot to hand my son our outgoing mail.  Stormy the cat, and his grandson Holstien followed me down and we had some lovely opportunities for pictures with the light.

This is a pretty "wild" rose that is across the street from us, the "wild" roses have all been blooming for over a week now here.  What I don't "get" is that when we first moved here only the one in the old foundation was white, now all the ones up and down the road are; they use to be pink.

Here is a picture from the beginning of our road toward us:

We live down that "hill" and up the next one (which you can't see from this picture) it's roughly a 1/2 mile walk one way.  So it's a nice little bit of exercise.

Now I mentioned how we are going to have an abundance of black berries this year?  Here is a close view of just a couple plants:

Look at the amount of flowers on those canes!  We are going to have a massive crop of them this year!  I can't wait till they are full of ripe berries, and I can make more jam.. and have a few berry desserts.  This picture has come from our "clearing"  the canes moved in last year and this year we will reap the rewards of letting them go wild.  Next year they will probably be going so we can put in a few big garden beds.

The puppies the girls have been caring for are leaving this week, supposedly today.  Not a bad thing to me, as in the last couple weeks they girls have not wanted to work with them.  It has been a fight to even get them to feed the two girls.  I hope they have learned that animal raising is not as easy as they thought.

Now one more picture:

I am still amazed by how well these cabbages are doing!  they are getting so big and this recent batch of cold weather has made them grow a little faster.  So I hope they finish in time for my planned cucumber planting next month.

Well as my laundry is almost done I need to head back out!

Be Well, Be Safe, and Blessed Be...

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