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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Lots of Random Work

Good Mid-morning everyone!

I finally got our blankets out the clothes line... I had been putting them off, but decided to get them out today.. of course we are out of bleach so I tried peroxide on the white ones. We'll see if they get as bright as bleach, I don't like bleach and would love a few recommendations on an alternative for a -GOOD- whitener to use instead.

One of the girls informed me this morning one of their friends is selling rabbits, YEAH! Maybe I'll get my start on my rabbit breeding group even though I had given up on them for this year. I like rabbit meat, and they grow quick and convert feed to meat the best. I am planning on trying what Joseph Stalin over at Polyface Farms has done (I don't know if he still is though) and get them back to eating grasses instead of “bought” feed. It will probably take a few generations though, and I am willing to try it out till they are able to move to a close to 100% grass feeding. I know from experience that rabbits that are “pets” do still eat grass when given the chance. I personally think they just don't know how too eat it full time. I am also looking forward to the wonderful manure we'll get from it!

I picked up some humming bird food this morning, and I am hoping by next year my few shrubs that should attract them will be big enough to sustain them instead of me buying “feed” for them. I my opinion any kind of pollinator is a good thing, as long as it's a pollinator.

This morning I have also set up one quart jar of orange rosemary vinegar to “blend” over the next two weeks. I am hoping for some interesting salads from this, as it will be used in making salad dressings. I will test it in two weeks to see if it's what I want, if it's not strong enough yet it'll go back to the dark spot in my pantry. I cut the rosemary just before putting it into the vinegar, my little plant has so much new growth on it I do hope it grows big. A five foot tall rosemary bush would not bother me one bit. I think I know a few people who would agree with me too.

I am going to try tomorrow to get pictures of the potatoes that are coming up in the potato bed. I have also started clearing the area for my “sanctuary”, it's not going to be very big. It's also going to be a lot closer to the road than I'd like, however; it “feels” like the right spot. I am planning on setting out a circle with a brick outline and place a correct tree at the compass points (anyone got the list of the trees that would go there?), I need to look up the correspondence for it. I use to have it written down, but it got lost somewhere. I am hoping to find enough stone on property to make a small alter in the center for offerings. Then on the one end we will be making the “memory garden” for my dad and Silver's first wife. I can picture it in my head , I just hope it translates well.

Well that's it for now.

Be Well, Be Safe, and Blessed Be...

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