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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Another comment on the Weather

The weather for the last week has sucked.. big time. I know we need the rain here, but for the last week we have gotten rain every overnight. With the heat during the day, and humidity we can't do any digging in the root cellar.

Which is annoying me greatly. We did manage to have one day I think a week ago when we managed to dig in it twice in one day. In the morning then again in the evening. Maybe we need to tarp the current hole and then we could work on and off all day. Something to think on here I guess.

While I'm annoyed with the rain my plants love it, I'll have to tie up the tomatoes on that trellis very soon as they are really getting tall. I imagine these ones will be taller than anything I have ever grown tomato wise.

I'm still waiting to see if the riot of flowers on my squashes will produce anything. As last year was my first year growing any kind of squash.. I am a tad inexperienced in it. I am use to watching cucumbers grow. Seeing many, many squash flowers form then just wither with no "fruiting body" makes me wonder the mechanics behind how they grow?

I know last year on the zucchini I grew, once in a while I could go out and look at a flower just starting and see a mini zucchini forming before it open and say yep that's one. Is that normal? Do I need those other flowers that don't form anything? If not I want to know so I can fry them up!

Any help?

Be Well and Blessed BE...

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  1. I don't know about the cucumbers but I did learn this year that zucchini and squash can cross pollinate so you have to watch when and where you plant them.

    They both have male and female flowers. The female flowers are the ones that have what looks like a small fruit at the base of the flower. Once the flower opens you might want to consider hand pollinating to make sure the two plants don't cross. You can take a male flower and touch the inside to the inside of the female flower. I have tried this a couple of times this year but it hasn't worked well for me. Another method is to take a small paint brush and swirl it inside the male flower to pick up the pollen. Then swirl it inside the female to pollinate.

    Hope this helps!