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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Here is the Tomato Trellis

Yep it's just pretty much a (I think it's called) a cow panel.. could be one of the hog ones though. Any who it was one we had around the humanure pit and because our dogs are tied up a good distance away from it we are figuring that it would be safe to pull it down and repurpose(SP?) it.

All we used on it was 2, 2X2's on either end and we nailed those to the box then we stapled the panel to the 2X2's. So far the tomatoes are doing Ok on it.

Every tomato plant but my 2 "puny" types have flowers on them as of now. I hope the other ones will get them soon as well. My Tiger's Eye beans now have flowers and I think some of my squashes will flower soon. Also I think one of the plants I put in the flower bed by the dogs is getting ready to flower. I think it's a melon.

Well the plan for this morning is to get back to digging the root cellar, right after my bread is done baking. Did you know I love baking bread first thing in the morning? It's such a nice smell first thing in the morning.

This is generally how my day starts off:

I get up start Silver's coffee. I go out get the dog food bowls and feed the dogs, then feed the chickens (and get them water). Then I water my garden plants, which are in 3 different spots. I also fill the dog's water then and use the hose to get rid of their .. errrmmm.. poo. Why don't I just pick it up and dispose of it? Well it does just as much good if I "hose it" down and the "water" goes into the ground, it's what nature would do eventually anyway. So why use a plastic "doggie bag" to clean up their mess? Especially when I can dispose of it in a better way? When I am done with all that I generally get my bread making done, and after this batch is done we are going out to do some root cellar digging. All this before breakfast!

Be Well and Blessed Be...

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