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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Catch Up Day

Well as it is the second today is our catch up day for having spent yesterday out doing things, that we needed to do when we get some money in the house. We found a very good price on cat food at the one farm store we stop at. I also found these there:

2 sad looking Stevia plants that were $1.36 a piece, that was a good find as it is the end of the 'buy plants' season here. Does anyone out there know and can tell me if they are a perennial or an annual? ...and... would it be better to have them in a pot or in the ground? I am hoping that they will do well as after my first taste I do have to say YEP! They are sweet! The 'growingyourowngreens' guy on youtube commented that it has an odd taste to it as well. Well, I wouldn't call it odd; I think it's just a little different. However I can see myself drying this and powdering it to use in tea, or Silver's coffee.

So, in case you were wondering; no we have not done any digging in the last 2 days. We will be out digging in the root cellar in about an hour once the sun starts lowering here, or gets behind some trees anyway. I have a pot of spaghetti sauce simmering away right now, and for my white wine in it this time I used a local sweet white ST James Winery "Velvet White". We bought a bottle for $4.99 a bottle, and Silver thinks due to it's delightful flavor; that it would be a good dessert wine.

Here is a picture of what we did get done last in the root cellar:

As you can see it is much wider than it was in my last picture of it. The shovel is in the same place that it was before, my arms have been feeling so heavy after about 10 wheel barrow's full of dirt that I dig out. That I think I might wind up with some impressive muscles by the time we finish. My youngest daughter in her infinite wisdom thought that just pushing the barrow was hard. OK, so I let her try the digging out, she could not even fill it up once. She stopped complaining about how hard it was after that. Funny thing is the first day she had no issues doing the work, it was the second day that she had the issues.

I hope to have more pictures up, once I get more batteries for our camera. It seems recharged batteries don't last long in it. Oh well, lesson learned; right?

Be Well and Blessed Be...

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