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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Busy Wed Morning

Wow only 10 am here and it's been a busy day already. Did my feeding rounds and watering ones. Then I harvested about 6 squash flowers which we are planning to have for lunch today. I went out and harvested some raspberry leaves which are now in my dehydrator to use as my daily morning tea. As it is a good herb for women. I use to take raspberry leaf in a pill form when I could find a good retailer with it.

Then we spent about an hour digging in the root cellar, widening it a tad more. It's at full length and I am guessing after tomorrow it will be at full width. I then went and did some berry picking and before cleaning and "picking through" I had a little over 4 Cups of black berries with about 7 wild blue berries. After I went through them I had just over 3 1/2 Cups that went into the freezer and the remainder is going to the chickens this afternoon. the way I did all that before breakfast...

I like berry picking early in the morning, it's quiet and serene; especially when you get to do it by yourself. As my girls come home from camp this evening and my son just got himself a super grounding (he might get off it by age 18). It was funny when I told Silver this morning i wanted to go out and check the black berry canes he told me that they couldn't be ready. He was surprised by how much I brought back. I didn't even get all the ripe ones I saw, as part of the property I got to; to pick them was sprayed last year by the power company with Round Up. Yuck.. those berries are not touchable in my opinion now. I did have a funny moment with the berry picking, I had bent down and grabbed a couple to see if they were close to being ready as they were partly hidden. Well, it seems they were a tad overripe and exploded in my hand.

I should be able to get many more berries off those canes this year! They are still laden with unripe fruit. I also think that next year blueberry will be a bigger hit as the plant is spreading out into the woods a bit.

Tomorrow I'm getting more Lambs Quarters for another wilted salad. Silver and the girls loved it, I was told it tastes like Spinach; but I didn't think so. I couldn't place the flavor though. Provided the raspberry leaves are ready I will be drying dill tomorrow before they start going to seed. Well at least I'll be harvesting the plants with the flower heads anyway.

Hope you have a good day!

Be well and Blessed Be...

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