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Monday, June 20, 2011

Plant Pictures!!!!

Yep I got my camera running again so here you go some pictures of my many plants:

To start off pictures of my tomatoes:

These are the ones in the back garden, 2 sets of these have very thick stems so I am wondering if they will need staking at all.

This flower is on one of the ones in my back garden. i do also have flowers on one set of my tomatoes in my box, I think those in the box might be the purple smudge ones. I'm not sure yet but we will see.

This one compared to the others in my back garden seem on the puny size. The stems on these are not as thick, and while this plant is very lush the other ones in the back seem to have more leaves and bigger ones.

This is one of my "boxed" tomatoes, doesn't he look happy? today we set up a trellising fence on the back for me to tie them all too and we will see how they do with it. also i will take a picture of it tomorrow morning.

Here is my "puny" one in the box, now it is a lush plant and if it weren't for the fact it won't stay erect it would be the same height as the other ones. I have a feeling this is a "vining" type of tomato.

Now here are my bean plants:

This is really an "overview" shot, but as you can see it is mostly my "bush" beans the tiger's eye's. Which in my opinion are very tall bush beans. I do hope they produce well.

Here are my pole beans, and they seem very happy they are climbing on their own now after quite a bit of encouragement on my part. i did not get a picture of my rice beans but they seem to be more a bush type than a pole and they are flowering already.

Now for those of you who don't know what this is, it is Bitter Melon. I am growing it for Silver's Diabetes, as it is suppose to regulate blood sugar levels. it is the oddest looking thing I have ever seen. It took forever to germinate and out of 6 seeds only one did germinate. the leaves are maple leaf shaped which to me is odd looking on it's own. it is also slightly lighter in color than a cucumber leaf.

This here is a newbie plant in my garden it is a Black Mission Fig, it already has some figs growing on them. I am hoping to see this one take off a bit in the next few months, I am also expecting it will take over the spot I planted it in. It has been years since i have eaten a fresh fig as I have a couple times when i was younger as a neighbor behind us when I was growing up had one growing in her yard. I don't know what kind she had, but she didn't even eat the figs, but she grew the plant. I think in the case of most "fruiting" types of trees most people buy and plant them with no intention of eating from them later. They want the "pretty" flowers but not the fruit later. I on the other hand want the fruit. So right now in my "budding" (yep I said it!) orchard I have 2 Elderberries, and one Fig. I hope to add more to it soon, I really want to get one of those "cold hardy" banana trees I've seen advertised recently. I also know they will not taste like a "banana" I know, but if they will survive our winters it would be a big help as we eat bananas like you would not believe.

Oh, a note on buying plants late in the season. It is actually a good time to buy them, as you can get them much cheaper than during the "standard" buying time. One year a number of years ago i lived someplace where while I could not grow food plants I could have a flower garden and 90% of all my plants were half "dead" plants stores knocked down to almost nothing. If you are very careful with them they will live and thank you for getting them buy sometimes producing much more than the "healthy" ones you buy early in the season. I'll get a picture of my Stevia plants tomorrow and show you what I mean.

Be Well and Blessed Be...

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