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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Update day!

We as I can't take any pictures *pouts* I just decided to give an update on what I can. First thing, we did not work on the root cellar this morning, we instead we got my herbs that I have been growing from seed in ground finally. Used my favorite new garden tool (the drill) and tilled the soil that we amended last year for some flowers we had then. We added a bunch of the semi-composted chicken "stuff" from the brooder in it. I do hope they wind up very happy herbs. I did discover that yes the rue did sprout, and I have placed that in a separate spot; as i have heard that is grows very large.

Our chickens for some reason other than eating will not go into their coop. We need to put a door on it and keep them in it at night, also I am hoping they will spend more time in it when the rain comes this weekend. I have had no more dead chickens so i think we solved that problem, by putting heavier things around the edges of the fencing. Granted if they burrow under that will not stop them what so ever, which is why we need to get the door for the coop done as we put chicken wire under the dirt on the coop floor.

My pole beans are starting to vine, now if they would just go up the poles... I wish the rice beans had grown better I only have 2 out of 18 seeds. The Tiger's eyes are getting their secondary leaves now, so I am sitting here hoping to see some flowers in a couple weeks on them. I do not know how fast pole beans flower as these are the first ones I have ever grown.

My potatoes are getting ready to flower, and they have what the kids call "stink bugs" on them. they look like those green shield bugs, but they are brownish in color. does anyone know what they are and will they eat my plants? My bushel gourds are planted near the potatoes and seem to be doing Ok now, though I have no idea how quick they grow. It seems it is starting to get their secondary leaves as well.

Out in the vine bed my bitter melon has sprouted (one anyway), it took a while to sprout and I'll be keeping an eye on it closely. It is suppose to be a good supplement for diabetics to lower their blood sugar. I am hoping to put them into a stir fry with the long beans, and zucchini once I have all of them.

I believe I do have some melons coming up but as yet I am not sure which ones they are. We will see as time goes I am really hoping to try the Tigger melons this year, as i have heard they are wonderful.

Well that's it for now, back to the root cellar tomorrow; and we will see how my herbs do in their new home.

Be Well and Blessed Be...


  1. How cool that your pole beans are up and running! Mine are just now breaking the surface, which isn't too bad, as I just put the pre-sprouted seeds in the soil a couple days ago. My bush beans are refusing to come up, even though they were put in about a week ago. :)

  2. What are rice beans?

    We planted scarlet runner beans and a variety of pole beans that I can't remember the name of now. I planted sometime in April, which was probably a little early here in KC, but they did fine.

    The scarlets have been climbing and flowering for a about three weeks, but no beans are setting on yet. The others are just now starting to get some flower buds.

  3. the rice beans are very small as beans go.. it was more of a "lets see" and "this sounds cool" seed buy. I have an odd nack for wanting to try out odd things.