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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Root Cellar Update!

OK, I know it's been a while; but while Silver was sick we put the root cellar on hold. Now even though he feels better he's still coughing bad, and by his choice we got back to work on it this morning.

This first picture is of it when we started this morning:

Ok, I took this a few days ago; but still this is what it looked like before we worked on it this morning.

Now here is what it looks like now:

I put the shovels into the "hole" to give you some perspective on what it looks like now. Even though the one is "tipped up" a bit the soil under the handle has been loosened. We had to stop for a bit now due to my back and Silver's back. As of now it is about 9 1/2X 6 1/2X 1 1/2.. a bit closer to 2 ft on the depth.

We have noticed due to here that the hardest part has been the first bit of ground as there is so much rock in the top layer. I am sure it would be taking much longer if we were not using the hammer drill with the planting bit. I wish we could find another one of those bits as it has be a good tool for us. We were in Lowes the other day and hunted for one, but it seems they are out. I guess it is past the "season" for those.

Well we have decided the walls will be done with the ferrous concrete to save money. It will still be strong and keep the soil/clay out of the cellar. Silver is also thinking about making the floor into a concrete floor. Not fully sure on that one as yet though.

So what have you managed to do before breakfast? almost time for me to cut our bread for breakfast this am, and it's already been a busy day so far.

Oh, fun news on the kid front, my son left this morning for a 2 day one night camping trip with the local church. I do hope he has fun, seems they are going to go canoeing and he's really looking forward to that.

Be Well and Blessed Be...

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