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Friday, June 24, 2011

Another Movie Review

Yes I have another movie review for you today as we watched this one this morning after discovering that the rain was going to hamper any progress on our root cellar today. (yeah a big just up out of bed when I noticed looking out the window while half awake that the air was yellowish orange) Just a minor freak out then run out to get my morning feeding chores done.

But anywho the movie in question:

Directed by: Robert Bates

This movie is about how some chefs who love eating "good tasting" good foods, have been sponsoring sustainable agriculture. It follows a few different farms and those farmers from those farms talked about how they got started in sustainable agriculture based on these chefs needs.

It also touches again on CSA's and also something else. Remember the last movie I reviewed about the girls? Well it seems since that movie was made and this one one of the farmer's market "owners", that was trying to get fresh veggies into the little corner markets has succeeded in getting the food into the markets in Harlem and other areas in the NY city area.

This movie also goes season by season and does show some of the crops/veggies garnered from those times. Which can be eye opening if you don't know about things like "winter vegetables". There are many winter vegetables out there, or at least vegetables that are harvested in the winter.

So take some time and check this one out, as i am sure you will like it!

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