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Monday, April 11, 2011

After the Storm

Well we had some wild weather here last night with a huge line of thunderstorms that traveled through our area, causing tornado's and producing hail. WE (Silver and I) stayed up most of the night only getting about 4 hours of sleep watching the radar on the weather channel online. It's funny how with how severe the weather is we didn't lose power or our internet. So we spent most of today recuperating from our long night and just enjoying the cooler weather due to to much wet to work out in our woods. I do however have to say the Dogwoods were breathtaking this morning when I went out to take some pics of the one piece of "storm damage" we had.

Here it is:

This is a "dead man" branch that we acquired last fall when one of the trees Silver cut down near the new driveway hit a branch on another tree and didn't quite take it down. We were very lucky that the dogs had the sense to be in their dog houses as this was very near where one of the dog houses was. the only other thing we had from this storm was our normal "mini ponds" and I did lose one musk melon seedling due to hail.

Now something bright and cheery:

The Dogwoods were so pretty I just had to get a picture!

Here is today's new seedling tally... still no peppers and thats disappointing but I'm sure they will pop up soon:

2 Amish Paste Tomato seedlings
1 mystery Tomato seedling (free item when I bought the seeds)
3 Purple Smudge Tomato seedlings
3 Bonnie Best Tomato seedlings
2 A Grappoli D'Inverno Tomato seedlings

Now mind you aside from the paste tomatoes all of these are in single pots so I will be thinning them down to about 2 per pot once I am sure which are the strongest. i do hope my peppers start coming up soon.

Be Well and Blessed Be...

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  1. Thanks for visiting and following my blog :o) I hope you find something on it that will make your life brighter..Good luck with all your plant intentions, it looks like You will be busy indeed :o) ...and by the way, good luck with the building of your new home < I've been there :o) and know the excitement..