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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Birthday gifts and a small house invasion

Well even though my birthday is on the 21st of this month LOOKIE what I got from Silver:

Can we say... "Rivenfae went shopping?" And thats not the only thing either...


We have "Heritage" raspberries (3), "Legacy" blueberry's (1), Elderberries (2), Black Currants (2), a rosemary, and a lavender. I wanted trees but they will have to wait for now.

This is another yard sale find! WE got the pair for $5 needs one glass replaces and wicks, and they hang on the wall.

Now for the "invasion" part:

They are taking over my home! These are not even half of them.

This next picture is a request I got today from Silver's son... this is the best picture I have right now:

It is hard to get a picture of them through the mesh... and with all our cats I'm not leaving it open long enough to get the "best" picture. That striped one is one of the turkeys.

OK, enough on the pics for now.. I will put up more pics another day...

Here is my seed list (i.e. my current seed inventory):


Bonny Best

Amish Paste

Orange Fleshed Purple Smudge

Big Month

A Grappoli D' Inverno

I also got a “mystery type” when I bought them so we will see what it is later

Sweet Peppers:


Golden Marconi

Hot Peppers:

Yellow Scotch Bonnet


Chocolate Habanero

Chinese Five Color


White Rice

Missouri Wonder

Old Homestead

Long Beans:

Chinese Red Noodle

Taiwan Black Seeded


Cosmic Purple

Jaune Obtuse Du Doubs


Dragon's Egg

Hmong Red

Bitter Melon:

Delica Thorn

American Melon:


Green Nutmeg

Green Honeymoon

Bidwell Casaba

Oran's Melon

Swan Lake

Healy's Pride

Asian Melon:



European Melon:

Hero of Lockinge


Extra Dwarf Pak Choy

Summer Squash:


Costata Romanesco

Bennings Green Tint Scallop

Winter Squash:

Lady Godiva (for seeds)

Vegetable Spaghetti

Australian Butter

Black Futsu


Moon & Stars Yellow Fleshed

Herbs (cooking and medicinal):


Common Chives

Grandview Catmint



Genovese Basil


White Horehound

Common Thyme

Russian Tarragon

Sheep's Sorrel

Broad Leaf Sage


Oregano Vulgare




German Chamomile



Echinacea Purpurea

Dill – Bouquet


Slo Bolt Cilantro

I picked all these up at the Baker Creek seed store along with my Elderberry plants, raspberry plants, and blueberry plant. I picked up the black currents at the local discount food seller who was selling them for $1.99 per little plant, I could not pass that up. I was a tad annoyed though about the sweet peppers, they were out of the ones I wanted so the two I bought were something I don't even know anything about.

The reason for all the melons is we love melons and I am going to try to broaden our tastes in them and the ones we like the most on the “multi” types we will keep. I have started as of today my tomatoes and peppers, they have now “invaded my kitchen as you can tell from the picture. That isn't even all of them either it's less than half of the starter pots.

We planted all the fruit plants we bought today as well and, I even managed to plant some flower roots, bulbs and plants as well as my rhubarb. I hope they all do well, I covered them all in straw for mosture retention. The temps today topped off at about 85, when the weather people said we'd barely make it to 70.

I am hoping in a couple of days to get some of my herbs started in post as well, but tomorrow is going to be a bad day for the dogs. They are all going to the vet... no thanks to my neighbor, who thought my dog with the allergy was badly ill and reported me to the police. So They are have to go to the vet tomorrow so I can prove she has an allergy. This should be tons of fun for me, four dogs in our station wagon... yuck.

The chicks we bought now a little over a week old are getting bigger, the turkeys seem to have doubled in size; at least they seem to me. I have ordered my Jersey Giants and they will not be available till the 3rd of May however. Which means then they current batch in the brooder will go outside and they newbies will go in my brooder. All we need to do first is build their yard and at least half their house.

Be Well all and Blessed Be...