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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

.. And Now the Real Post...

I took some pics from around the homestead this morning as we are going to get rain.. (tornado watch till 9pm here). I also have to say that cake bribery works wonders, the kids stacked 1/2 a cord of wood on Sunday. ...Guess maybe I should do that more... oh well, the work got done.

Kelle this is the official word from the "take back" Facebook page and a link to the EFF:

" Process Media and Denver Urban Homesteading have both petitioned to cancel the trademarks. We're in the beginnings of the legal process, which could go through July of 2012. So now we hurry up and wait!"

(I do hope that link works.. if not copy/paste it)

Now for pictures:

Here of course is my favorite cat Crookie, I couldn't believe it when I saw him hugging the stuffed dog while he was sleeping!

Now for 2 pics of my Rhubarb coming up:

There were three planted and only 2 so far have come up at all.

I can't wait to try making things with these next year. I read that you need to just let them grow the first year so I am. I swear I saw one of the Dahlia's I planted coming up, now I've read that the tubers on Dahlia's are edible like a potato... can anyone confirm that for me?


We have 2 of these and this appears to be the better one, but that might not be true as the second one has more "sprouts" (the areas where the leaves are), this one only has them in the crown.

Chicken Yard right before fencing.. we will be finishing this the weekend at the end of the month as we have more chicks coming on the 3rd, my Jersey Giants.

I put some bean seeds under that straw as I know how much chickens love garden plants, and the straw has some seed still in it so I am hoping it'll seed itself; there is also a Mandrake growing in there.

This one is one of my pots of Amish Paste Tomato seedlings:

The oddest thing about this one is, that this pot had the least amount of starting mix in it and it grew first and the best so far... go figure...

Now I have a seedling update.. and it's Pepper's!!!!!!! FINALLY!!!!!!:

4/24/2011 - 1 Golden Marconi Pepper (sweet frying pepper)
4/26/2011- 1 Chocolate Habenaro (sp?)

Now if the rest of the peppers would follow suit I'd be one happy person! Well at least it is one sweet and one hot growing, it could have been 2 hot varieties.

Be Well and Blessed Be...

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