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Saturday, April 23, 2011

More on the Trademark controversy

Well I was looking around on facebook and found some more info on the "D Family" issue going on in case anyone who isn't a friend on facebook wants to check it all out. one of which is the "D Family" now has a website to sell things online under the brand name "urban homestead supply". *shakes head* Yep they are all for helping people that's why they got the TM... looks like money grubbing to me, but for proof here is a couple links:

The second is a facebook note with a link to the "D Family" online "Store"t hat they now have. Take a peek and see for yourselves. I am seriously disappointed in this family and what they have done, I hope others are as well.


Now remember this is my personal opinion here folks please disagree with me if you so choose too.

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