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Thursday, April 14, 2011

A (Lazy) Working day

Well lets first show off the "work" we did do today.. at least what I got pics of. Here is where the chicken coop is going at the beginning of the month we just finished clearing it all out:

I am planning to spread grass seed (it's cheaper than field mix who knew?) and probably some of my extra bean seeds that I have coming out of my ears. we have to put in three more of those posts, we didn't buy a "post driver" as ... well... we didn't see any point in buying something for $20 that we would only use a couple of times and then it would sit and rust. Seems a sledge hammer works just as good!

As for why today is lazy...

To be honest this whole week has been.. just utterly no motivation for us here this last week, but today it was due to all the inactivity since that storm hit. Silver didn't even use up a full tank of fuel in the chain saw before his back started bothering him. Then due to the fact I can carry them easier I did wind up pulling a muscle in my lower arm due to lifting cut logs wrong.. *sighs* We've all got to be more careful.

My tomato seedlings are doing well, but still no peppers coming up and this weekend the pots need to come back inside due to near freezing temps due to hit on a couple of overnights. this may be a problem seeing as how I have a few more pots out there... like 20...
I started my herbs almost a week ago now and they';ll have to come in too.

On another note...

This ( I know it's hard to tell) is a Persimmon Tree, we have 2 of them and I am guessing someone planted them on purpose. This one is the stronger one, and i was worried it would not get any leaves on it.. they seem to be slow trees. Well it now has them starting! I am so glad to see that!

Now the tough question... does -ANYONE- know recipes for them???????? I have been looking but it seems not many people cook with them any more.

That's all for now!

Be well and Blessed Be...


  1. Sometimes you just need a lazy week or even a few days. It keeps the burn out under control, LOL!!!

    Last year I had a horrible time with peppers germinating, ended up planting three times and only 6 plants sprouted and thrived, so needless to say we bought pepper plants last year from the local FFA groups greenhouse.

    A friend gave us some persimmons last year, sent to her from her Mom in Oregon. I will say I never really developed a taste for them, but they do make a good jelly/ jam. I'll look for the recipe I used, I think it was in The Encyclopedia of Country Living by Carla Emery. If I don't get back to you, buzz me on our blog about it as a reminder( I am blonde you know*wink*)

  2. Quite all right Kelle we all have those moments i would really appreciate the recipe though if you find it.