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Friday, April 15, 2011

Home Invasion (again?)

Well seems my house will be invaded by plants again as I needed to get my "youngsters" inside before the low temps hit later:

As you can see I have "just a few" pots to deal with. The little black pots are herbs, and the other's aside from the rosemary and the fern are my tomato and pepper plants.

Now I had cleared space in the house to place "everybody" and was just about to start bringing them in 2 at a time when silver says. "How about we just bring the whole rack in?" Duh, yes that'd be great but seeing as how until he pointed out he cleared space for it I had no where to set it. I could have screamed! It's not easy clearing room in a 12X24 building... oh well they are inside now and safe till the cold passes.

We had another storm "blow" through last night while we didn't have any "severe" weather it seems we did get a tad bit of water:

This as you can see is a small "puddle" (by the way it's only half of it), that bit of wood is from the kids playing out near here the day before last. We have named this little puddle "Wolf Lake" and it only appears when we get a good amount of rain. Now I took this pic at about noon central time, it had time to drain some. Also if you can see the little green flag... part of it is in the "zone" for our house, we are going to have to fill part of it in. However after the house is done I am planning on digging the pond out some and making it permanent. Maybe put some fish in and fix it to grow some water cress, as well as cat tails.

Here is the other side of it:

Lovely huh? Seems it gets run off all the way from the road fills into the "pond" then travels out towards the forest.

We did our grocery shopping today and are going to have a nice salad for dinner tonight.. odd thing since moving here staying in budget for food has been a semi head ache... well this week we stuffed the freezer AND bought some fun foods without going over budget. For us "fun" foods means I was able to afford some fresh fruit, lunch meat, and extra tea.. and the king of goodness(in my opinion anyway) ICE CREAM!

We haven't had some in a little while and we managed to get some, the kids are going to be shocked to say the least. It took a bit of wrangling to get it all in the freezer but I did it! I even bought a -bribe- for the kids (little chocolate cakes), and the non-whiney kid tomorrow even gets whipped cream on it! I figure if it gets them to work hard without a headache from me it's worth it!

Hope everyone has a good weekend!

Be Well and Blessed Be...

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  1. Bribery is a parents best friend ;)