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Friday, April 22, 2011


Yes I'm guilty! Guilty of not always following through with something. Oddly it was one of my kids that caught me too.

We had decided to try to cut all high fructose corn syrup out of our diets, which includes drinking soda pop; which has many other reasons for not drinking it. Especially with Silver being a diabetic and us not wanting "artificial sweeteners" that are made for diabetics due to the veiled pasts they have.

Anyway, my kids last time we were getting ready to go to the store asked if we could buy some soda pop, of course I told them no because we're not doing soda anymore. Well, my youngest who always likes to point out errors on other people; yells. "But mom, you two had some the bottles are in the car!"

Well... she was right, we had been buying some Sasperilla (I know that's gotta be spelled wrong) from the farm store when we stop in it. I conceded to her that yes we drank it and thanked her for pointing it out. then I said, "well that's it no more soda of any kind including that stuff." It didn't go over well with my darling little girl, but at least I did remember I'm not suppose to be drinking it.

As for the rest of the "corn syrup" items, I have gone so far as to make sure catsup we buy has none in it. I am also hoping this year to make my own, I have found numerous recipes on it. Here is something I hope everyone knows about if they are trying to avoid the "corn syrup".

Seems they want to change the name to corn sugar to make people like it more... well in my opinion as long as i know what it's called I can avoid it. i am also avoiding sugar beets just in case they are permitted to grow the GMO variety of them.. I have been buying pure cane sugar and will keep doing so unless they make that GMO as well. I am planning to switch to honey as a sweetener once we can get our own bee hive. We have found instructions on how to build our own supers for it, so that might be this winter's project.

As for current "work"... well as we are suppose to get rain for the next 7 days I guess I am going to be doing to work ups on who I'm going to divide up my growing space this year as we want to use container gardening until we can make our raised beds. Which of course can't be done till after house building is done so we can place them properly. i hope everyone stays safe if they are in the weather that is coming along.

Be Well and Blessed Be...

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