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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Fight over the Trademark

Ok... I wasn't going to comment on this but after looking at it for the last 2 day I need to say something.

Seems there is now on FaceBook a page about the "controversy" over the "homesteading" trademark. It supports the Dervaes Family and jumps down the throats of those who belong to the "take back" page....

One of the biggest comments the "person" (whom ever it is won't show there name) who owns the page is, is that the "take back" page is against the Dervaes Family...

Well... it is!!! The problem is by making those trademarks, and then "taking out" a few people over the right to use the term they made themselves targets. They painted a big red target on them and are now going to have to deal with that for as long as they push the issue.

The next "big" comment this "person" had was that the Dervaes has a "online book" free and available for all to look at to learn... YEP IT'S CALLED A BLOG FOLKS! Funny thing though is they went after a few Bloggers over their "online books" too... can't have it both ways, the world just doesn't work that way.

...And here is the really dumb thing in my honest opinion...

Until this page showed up on FaceBook, the "jumping" on the Dervaes family had quieted down. Now it has re-sparked the uproar, Thanks to whomever started the FaceBook page!

See you did it to yourself....


  1. I was just wondering what happened in all of this and here you have your post today! Do you know if their trademark has been revoked? Boy, their greed sure did them in, with exception for the no name person( might be one of the Dervaes)
    If you know of any info I'd appreciate an update, just to busy right now to do an online search.

    Blessings for your week,

  2. I wish I knew I've been trying to keep up with it but I have not heard anything other than it was going to be costly for the D Family to deal with the court case the EFF (correct abbr?) was doing.