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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Warm (HOT) Spring Day

We have had some pretty warm days here and the locals all say to not be fooled by the "warm spell", well; I have proof that Spring is fully here:

See the Mandrakes? Otherwise known as "Mayapples" growing in our woods here. I know how "tender" these plants are so if they are coming up either they are extremely fooled by the warm or it really is Spring here! Oh and does anyone have a good Mayapple jelly recipe I'm looking for one.

Well as it was so nice this morning and the kids had a nicve breakfast of chocolate waffles (nice to them anyway), we put them to work. Oh, I am trying to show them that something like chocolate waffles even though home made aren't the best breakfast if you are going out to -WORK-. Here is a picture of the logs moved to clear for our chicken coop:

Now, mind you I have three children, one was minding the chicks in their "outdoor pen". My son and my youngest who is the bigger of the two girls mind you were suppose to help me and Silver. Silver cut up wood. my son who did not want to help me was suppose to be stacking wood for a "stack wood" dog house. So my youngest helped me with this wood pile... see the little logs? That was her contribution... and I'm talking the ones in the little spaces. the funny thing is the kids wonder why we don't do much work when they are home, then i point out that when they are home and we have work to do they do so little we have to stand over them to do anything... oh well, I guess it's just the age they are at.


OK so we waited yesterday for the officer to come and "check up" on the dogs, and at about 10:30 I called the station to find out when she would be coming by. She wasn't in, but the duty officer would let her know as soon as she came back. So at about 1pm I get a call. She asked if I took them to the vet, if I have them spaced better so they cannot get tangled up. When I told her I did she said good, asked which vet I saw and told me she was not coming out. Also that while she had to get me to do something about the fact the police were called on me she told me the person who did really needs to mind their own business as dogs get tangled up, and they dump their water. -IT'S NORMAL-, but she had to follow up as per her job requirements. So if someone calls again she can tell them, "see she took care of it leave her alone". It's nice to see someone on our side.

My berry plants have now been in ground for a week and no sign of distress in any of them, also it seems my rhubarb crowns are starting to grow. I do hope some of the flower bulbs and crowns I planted start coming up soon. I also hope my tomato and pepper plants start sprouting soon.

Well that's all for now I'm getting ready for a bath here Oh when I started writing this it was 80 degrees it has risen to 83...

Be Well and Blessed be...

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