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Sunday, April 10, 2011

I have Seedlings!

Well it's true but I tech had seedlings for a couple weeks with the Hale's muskmelon seedlings I have in an old #10 can. What I'm referring to is the pots I started last week have started growing !!!! I am so excited I noticed one yesterday and now there are many more!

Here is a pot with 3 tomato seedlings in it, seems all the tomatoes have started. I wonder why? Does some one know why the tomatoes started first?

Here is my count:

4/09/2011- 1 Amish Paste Tomato seedling

4/10/2011- 4 (more) Amish Tomato seedlings
2 Big Month Tomato seedlings
1 Orange Fleshed Purple Smudge Seedling

I am going to try to keep careful track of these as they grow, as I think (not sure though) I did buy lots of different varieties of seeds. I am seeing what the different flavors are and the ones we like we will start saving. The only difference is on the Paste ones... yes I know there are more varieties out there but from what I have read they are the best ones if you are planning on saving seeds.

I am going to be spending the rest of today figuring out which of my herb seeds I need to start in pots. We have the space for our chicken coop cleared and are starting to put in the stakes for the yard. Now our chicken yard is only going to be 4ft tall so we can save some money. The coop is going to be designed so that we can add the nest boxes to the back wall later which will also save us money. as my current batch of chicks is only a couple weeks old it will be a few months before they start producing eggs.

On another note... our car battery is -DEAD- seems one of the children left the interior lights one for at least one night and no one is fessing up. I am hoping to catch someone in the next few days to get a jump we need to go grocery shopping on Friday. If we don't catch anyone in the next couple of days to jump it we have the state woman coming by on Tuesday and we should be able to get a jump then.

Be Well and Blessed Be...

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