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Monday, April 4, 2011

Dog Troubles

OK, so we had to take the dogs to the vet today due to my chocolate lab's skin problem; at least we now know why the previous owner got her cheap from a breeder. Seems she has a genetic skin problem, and if bred will have pups with the same. Here is what the Dr put on the letter that I will be giving the officer on Friday about her:

Paris is a 4 year old black (she's chocolate) lab with chronic skin problems. She has demodetic mange which is a non contagious genetic mange as well as allergy problems and a fungal infection. She was treated appropriately and is not contagious. She will be a constant skin problem dog.”

Now I have told everyone who sees her and asks about her skin that it's just her skin... well dang it! I now have it in writing from the DR! I should have got the allergy part in writing when I found out about that in New York, oh well I can't think of everything.

The vet did say how ever that both girls do need a increase in their food as they are a little thin; but she did not seem concerned. So now I have a medicated shampoo for her bad spots and some fish oil for her coat and we should have a fully haired dog in a couple of months. The Dr said when it happens again just get a fungal shampoo and more fish oil and she should be fine.

So I hope this satisfies the police.. somewho I doubt it will satisfy whoever called them.. though I do have an idea as to who it was, but of course they cannot tell us who called them. I will update this Friday after our police “visit”.

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