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Thursday, April 7, 2011

We're going to Ramble today...

OK, first order of business today Paris got her first bath of the week today, she is to get them 2x's a week using iodine shampoo until her skin problem clears. She is also taking an oral fungicide once a week till cleared up then once a month after. The vet told me after if it flares up again use a anti-fungal shampoo on her.

Anyone with any non-chemical suggestions here?

OK today's major gripe...


Now as I've said before I am addicted to them myself I like my farmville and if they still made them I love the old turn based RPG games. I do have issue with children playing some video games especially violent ones. Yes, technically they do not cause violence. However with the trend toward playing in the online worlds, there has been from what I have seen a great many people lying about themselves.

Now having an avatar lets you decide how you are precived in the world and for a few social "sub cultures" out there that is not a bad thing. How ever you have men masquerading as women just to get to be with more women, children pretending to be adults; and it does have an effect...

a 13yr old raped by a +50 man who is her "online husband"... COME ON FOLKS!

Why were her parents not "supervising" her online time? I supervise my kids' online time always and if they go somewhere I do not want them they lose it for a day or more. They have set places they can go, they can ask to look up things and I do let them play games. Now I play any game they want to play so I know what is in the game. Also if they are playing a game that has a chat function... they are -NOT- permitted to use it.

I do not know how many people agree with this but...

I DO HAVE A SERIOUS ISSUE with unsupervised internet access for children, as I hear many a time from people when I met Silver about how "you don't know" who is behind the other screen. It is doubly true when it comes to children.

So please if you have kids and they use the "net" please keep an eye on them.

Be Well and Blessed Be...

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