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Thursday, April 28, 2011

The internet downs

Well, it's been a fun last 7 days, before today anywho... we've had RAIN! Lots of it until Tuesday when the sun came out then yesterday it was dreary with a lite sprinkling of rain in the morning. Lots of beautiful sun today though and until this after noon no clouds. As for the “other” fun part back on Saturday we apparently had a lightning strike on our telephone pole (or close to our home) and it fried our internet router, and the filter for it.

Course we didn't know it was that we just thought the phone service was out, so Monday we went to our neighbor's house and called the phone company and they said they'd have it fixed by 10am Tuesday; but did we check and see if the phone box worked? ..the phone box.. well... Silver hadn't checked that, and so when we got home that is exactly what he did. The phone worked, the router would not. So he calls internet “help”; boy is that name a joke!

They we very unhelpful, we had discovered if we plug in the router at all our phone goes dead, Silver told this too the “help” person. However, the “help” person who obviously knows more than we do kept telling Silver to plug in the router. To which Silver told the person it would kill the phone and we would not be able to call him back. Tech support's response to that was we could call on our cell phone... WOW why hadn't I thought of that! Well maybe.. because we don't have one... Silver told the person we didn't have a cell phone, “you don't HAVE a cell phone sir?” was the tech support's only response to that and apparently stunned silence. Then he tells Silver yet again to plug in the router.

Eventually Silver got the idea across that it's not a -GOOD IDEA-, and the tech person told him he could order a new router; but that it would be quicker to go tot he store and buy one... GEE... again why hadn't I thought of that wonderful idea??!!!!??? Probably because we won't have money till the 29th at the earliest and the 3rd at the latest... and... to drive to buy one requires an hour's worth of gas which Silver told the person. Which they also had a hard time believing as well.

I guess it's just a hard concept that someone might not have a cell phone... OR tons of cash to spend on gas and trips to an electronics store to buy things that could get put in the mail and added to a bill that gets paid when you have money. Are we really so far out of that loop? I mean come on... I got irritated Monday as considering all the rain I was not sure the school buses would be running so I took the kids to the stop myself .. just in case(call school off on 4 inches of snow what will they do if the dirt roads are flooded?). I saw the boy from down the road in brand new Nike shoes and I got a tad annoyed as I recall that family was complaining about money not more that a couple of months ago... Is it just me that gets annoyed when someone who complains about money goes out and spends it frivolously?

I get annoyed with myself when I need to buy myself some new clothing, even if it's a new pair of socks because all mine have so many holes they are more hole that sock. Maybe it's just because I really don't care much about material possessions.. that said.. yes I'd love a huge pressure canner.. BUT I only want that badly as it would help my family by letting me can things that otherwise I would have to freeze. Canning only takes so much less to run things through than to have to use a constant running freezer that I could put other things in that we would prefer to eat fresh.

Again though... maybe it's just me... We did order a new router and though they said next day delivery it arrived at 14:50 Central daylight time today... nice next day delivery folks...

Anywho another “interesting” side affect of all this rain:

This is of course my potato experiment, I took this picture yesterday morning. the green plant in the for ground in the midst of the straw is a potato plant... now the day before I took this picture I had completely covered them 'taters with straw and yesterday morning they were already peeking out. Also... This morning I had to recover them, so they are growing well.

Another plant mention... out of the rhubarb crowns 2 were coming up... now due to the rain only one is growing right now.

Hope everyone fared well in all the wet.

Be Well and Blessed Be...

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