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Friday, February 11, 2011

A Breather

Well looks like we managed to get the phone/net company to give us until the 18th to make arraignments for paying them, so if I don't write anything for sometime then we have had out net turned off.

I'm still waiting on the seeds we ordered to show up, I may check with the company to see what is going on with it. Silver has been downloading PDF books on as much info he can find for gardening, and building and we will probably read them while our net is down. I will probably get him to make a list of his favorite links of information for everyone to check out.

Right now I have been perusing the Burgess catalog and looking over nut and fruit trees. If we want them producing when we want we need to buy them soon. If anyone knows of a place that has heirloom trees other than Seeds of Change -PLEASE- pass it along. Our biggest problem is Silver only like MacIntosh apples *shrugs*, I prefer sweeter ones and after working in an apple orchard for 3 months I got to try a few. I will say though if you like sweet apples Honey Crisp is wonderful it is -VERY- sweet, much sweeter than a Red Delicious.

We have found something interesting in that Burgess catalog though, it's a cold hardy banana (Musa basjoo) , with how we eat banana's I am seriously considering buying a few. Burgess also has a new item it is now selling Goji Berries (also called Wolf berries) (Lycium barbarum). Even though I am hunting for the non-GMO seeds Burgess has a few things I am interested in seed wise, one is a gourd they call Bushel they can be used as containers after drying. I am also wanting to get the "luffa sponge" squash, these you are suppose to be able to eat when they are young and when full grown and dry you remove the outer skin off and have a sponge; these are suppose to outlast normal sponges.

Thats all for now,

Be Well and Blessed Be...

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