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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Trade Mark Form letter

For those of you upset over this "trademark" issue I have written up a email form letter for the trademark office, if you use it don't forget to email it to the owners of the trademark as their "terms"a re used in it.

trademark office email:

Dervaes family email:

Form letter:

To Whom it may concern,

I as a member of the public, would like to know why a couple of generic terms have been trademarked. The terms are:

“Urban Homestead”, and “Urban Homesteading” (trademarked by the Dervaes Family)

If you search the web or contact homesteaders and homesteading magazines they will inform you as to how long the term has been in use by the public. One news article has listed the google search on “urban homestead” came up with 343,000 items .

Article on web here:

Can you please send me a reply email informing me of what reason this generic term has been trademarked, as a great many people are asking the same question.


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