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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Rainy days and Frozen pipes

Well things get interesting sometimes when you live with limited means (seriously considering the book I'm planning to be called "Homesteading on a Shoe String"). Well lets see, the long distance on our phone is off but the internet is on. We had rain yesterday when we still need to dry out as the mud here is terrible, considering it's all clay mud. Then because we forgot to put on the heater in our well house last night our water remained frozen until about, 11:45am.

The other downside to the temperature is now not ideal to go out and me and Silver haul the chopped wood. As in the wood from the trees we cut last year that are in the way of building the house, the kids moved some over the weekend. Boy was that fun (notice the sarcasm), my youngest spent 20 minutes whining about how she didn't want to. Only asked each child to move 10 pieces of wood and they had to be bigger than their arms. So then she complained her sister wouldn't let her use the hand truck as oh my the pieces of wood were too heavy. I said OK, had the older girl come inside and sit while her sister did her work. Ten minutes later, she comes in and said she was done. So of course I had to point out that if she had done that in the first place she could have been done an hour or 2 before hand.

Now about this idea of a book called "Homesteading on a shoestring", I guess my best feat in life is my ability to stretch a meal. Take for instance last night, we had a lovely boneless ham I found at sheatlers (sp?). We had that with some scalloped potatoes last night, this morning we had loaded scrambled eggs using the ham, and for lunch and dinner tonight a pasta salad made from the ham too. In a few days it'll be a roast chicken that might make it through 4 dinners!

Be Well and Blessed Be...


  1. Your book sounds wonderful! We've been making meals last for decades, well the meal doesn't last for decades, but each day making meals stretch, further and further( you know what I'm trying to say, I hope*wink*)

    I remember eating at a friends house, she roasted a turkey and only used the breast meat and one wing for the meal, when cleaning up she was going to throw the rest of the turkey away! I asked if I could have it and she said sure they wouldn't eat leftovers. I made 6 different meals and had 5 qts of canned broth all from a carcass she was going to throw away.

    As far as the kids and not wanting to haul wood, maybe you should act the same way when they really want you do do something for them and then point out that is how it feels when they act that way. We had to do this several times with our children, before they finally got that it takes a family working together to enjoy all the the blessing. Just a suggestion mind you, no toes stepped on I hope.


  2. No worries Kelle no toes stepped on here. Funny thing is the youngest wonders why half the time we don't work when they are home and my sons says. "Well they're too busy trying to get us to do stuff.>