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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Simple Pleasures

Simple pleasures mean different things to different people, I am no different in this. Being a homesteader also gives light to simple pleasures you would not normally consider as pleasures. Today for instance We got to use our bathtub... Oh it was so nice to take a hot long bath after this long winter. Now this does not mean we don't bathe, but as we have no shower or tub in our shed we sponge bathe aside from once a week were me and Silver go to our neighbor's for a shower (sometimes we go to the truck stop and use their's too). the kids go to a firend's house once a week for a shower.

For those of you who follow us, you may know we have a "little room" behind our shed that is a flat truck topper and surrounded by tarps for privacy. One of those tarps pictured here with the bath tub is a canvas tarp, a very nice find at a garage sale last summer for $7.00. The tub itself is our neighbor's who lent it to us last spring which we were very grateful for as those camping solar showers suck big time after a short period of time.

So we have an enclosed room to bathe in, however if the weather is not warm enough we can't use it. also as we have to heat water on the stove walking outside when it's below freezing doesn't keep the tub water hot enough. It takes us about an hour or two to fill this tub using 2 large stock pots to heat the water, and let me tell you living as we do it is heavenly to use it once a day; when we can.

This next week at least looks like we will be partaking of our wonderful tub on a daily basis, instead of using my dish washing tub and one pot of boiling water to sponge bathe. Aren't Simple pleasures wonderful?

Be Well and Blessed Be...

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  1. Our friends septic froze up so they rigged up a shower in one of their shop type buildings. They too hauled hot water from the house as well as cold pouring into a 55 gallon drum( up on a stand) then they used a hose and shower head with a clamp to shut the water off while soaping up. Anyway a few weeks back our friend( husband) took a shower and before he could dry off he literally had ice on him! More gut that I'd have. LOL!!!!

    Simple pleasures are the best, when they truly are appreciated. People have forgotten what it is to appreciate things, they've never had to do without.