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Friday, February 11, 2011

Monsanto Owned Seed companies

Ok I just happened to come across a list of seed companies owned in some form or another by Monsanto here is a link to the yahoo group message about it:

if it does not work I will copy/paste it below:

"All of these seed companies are owned by Monsanto or buy seed from Seminis or
other seed companies, which are owned by Monsanto.

* Territorial Seeds
* Totally Tomato
* Vermont Bean Seed Co.
* Burpee
* Cook’s Garden
* Johnny’s Seeds
* Earl May Seed
* Gardens Alive
* Lindenberg Seeds
* Mountain Valley Seed
* Park Seed
* T&T Seeds
* Tomato Growers Supply
* Willhite Seed Co.
* Nichol’s
* Rupp
* Osborne
* Snow
* Stokes
* Jungs
* R.H. Shumway
* The Vermont Bean Seed Company
* Seeds for the World
* Seymour’s Selected Seeds
* Roots and Rhizomes
* McClure and Zimmerman Quality Bulb Brokers
* Spring Hill Nurseries
* Breck’s Bulbs
* Audubon Workshop
* Flower of the Month Club
* Wayside Gardens
* Park Bulbs
* Park’s Countryside Garden


  1. So sad to know about Johnny's :(

  2. Bogus info being passed on here! What is sad is that I am finding this SAME list all over the web. Johnny's is NOT owned by Monsanto. Burpee is NOT owned by Monsanto. A rep from Johnny's has posted to a couple of these blogs, but what a mess to try to post to every single one of them. Burpee's has posted to their own website - company is PRIVATELY owned by the Ball family. It's becoming like spam or an urban legend at this point. Please take the time to double check info before slandering decent folks. Shumway is not; Jung's Family Seeds is not. What other good seed company's are being falsely reported??

    1. Yes, but how do we know they don't buy seeds from Monsanto, or Monsanto affiliates?

    2. I actually e-mailed Territorial. Here is my response from Territorial. "We are family owned by Tom and Julie Johns. We have no affiliation with Monsanto."

      Thank you, (name omitted) TSC

      So there you have it. So I agree with OrnamenTalle, DOUBLE CHECK your info. Monsanto will go down without this kind of slanderous info being passed around about honest family owned businesses. I would like to also think that they would know the origin of their seeds.

  3. This list is comical and desperately misinformed. And I dare say, slanderous. Anyone who is remotely curious will discover how silly the claims above are. It does not take a rocket scientist to do the research:

    Fear mongering does not help solve the problem. It only muddies the waters.

  4. This article tells a different story and clearly notes that Johnny's and the others listed are indeed owned by Monsanto.


  5. Quoted from the article: "Both Johnny’s and Territorial have received strikingly similar missives with nearly the same wording, demanding that the firms reveal their Seminis’ varieties “so I can avoid them at all costs. Otherwise I’ll toss your catalog.”

    Which is what I just did, tossed them both.

  6. Johnny's seeds bought some stock from Seminis several years ago before Monsanto bought the company.

  7. here's what i don't get. you start off saying there is a list of companies that are owned in some form or another by monsanto then you show a list that states "All of these seed companies are owned by Monsanto or buy seed from Seminis or
    other seed companies, which are owned by Monsanto. so what are you trying to say? are they all owned or not? and have YOU actually contacted any of these companies yourself or did you just cut and paste this taking someones word for it?