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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Confessions of a video gamer (and other things)

OK, I know I normally only post about things relating to our Homesteading part of life but I have a confession to make...

I'm addicted to video games!

When the weather is not good enough to be outside (winter for example) I tend to play then a great deal, now I do spend time online doing research for our home; reading other blogs and so forth. However, I generally have some kind of game running in the back ground.

Well, I am weaning myself off them; albeit slowly. I am down to about around 3 hours a day playing them now, which for me is wonderful! I do guess I am so “into” them, because my mother thought I was to smart to be interested in them so while I was growing up I was not permitted to play then. Considering I am of the “Nintendo” generation, that was sooo mean! So now I play a number of games on facebook (some of which I picked up checking them out for the kids), I am going to slowly wind myself down to about 1 game eventually maybe two.

I will say I've getting lots of good advise from friends I have picked up online about growing things, including a number of new seed companies I am planning to buy from as time goes along. So for those of you how know me on facebook and play the games on there with me, now that weather is getting soooo much better be warned I won't be on (unless of course it's raining cats and dogs). With good weather we do not have to worry about the incoming money to do any work, we have a bit of clearing to do where the house is going to go.

Then while the “foundation” (which will also have the “Cage” in it) is drying we will be doing the same for our future chicken coop. Watch out kids (mine) we will be working!

Speaking of work my son got to experience a “work shadow” program at school back on Friday, he wants to be a chef so he happily went to the local Subway for the day as it's the closest to professional cooking we have around here (yes there are some “little” dinners but the school would only OK Subway). He had a blast, they let him open the bread ovens grins; it takes so little to make a teen happy sometimes.

He spent this afternoon learning how to air up his bike tires so he could ride it up and down our dirt road. I just hope he watches the mud pit so he doesn't come home covered in mud, though I guess I could march him across the street and dump him in our neighbor's pond. Might be cold but he'd learn it's not a good idea to let mom see you get muddy on purpose.

We also had some fun the last couple of days with first me and Silver watching then the kids and us “Julie and Julia”. Wonderful movie, especially for a family; and it's was so cute to watch the process of the woman's blog. Sometimes I wonder like Julie did at first if people are actually reading this... but then I get a few random comments; so at least I know someone reads it sometimes. Also the numbers on my “map” show people are looking at it at least.

Be Well and Blessed Be...


  1. Don't feel bad -- In the 1980's, I bought an Atari for my daughter, which she loved and played all the time. I had to call in sick to get a turn. I ended up with carpal tunnel !!!

  2. LOL that's funny, I can understand!

  3. Yes, the addiction spreads! I blame you. ;)