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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Building Plans Finally!

OK folks we now have definite building plans and the idea for them came from this website:

We do still have some clearing work to do where we are going to build, that after this weekend's thaw we will be getting started; though I do hope my shoes will survive it. (I still need a good pair of work boots)

This is about where the center of the house will be, we are planning to "build in" a rocket stove in the center column as this design is made to allow a chimney.

This is the wood pile we started last spring when we started clearing the land we are going to build on, we will defiantly be adding to it as we finish our clearing for the house.

The hardest part I think will be getting the kids to help out with the clearing then house building, last year they were not too thrilled with the idea of helping us out moving cut logs and branches. After a winter in a shed though, they seem much more happier to help us get the house built faster. So we will see if they are more helpful or not.

We are going to put down after we have dug down a little; a load of gravel before we pour cement for the foundation we are going to need. Also the rebar we need for the base of the house will need to be placed before the cement gets poured as it needs to be in that first layer of cement. We are debating having the gentleman who dug the trench for the rest of the road to get electricity come and push the stumps out and make our job easier, but we will see.

For all those out there who like the "Missouri Journal" by Mark Chenail the following blog is from his building partner Jon:

They are our figurative neighbors, being 10 miles away I know it can be considered close neighbors *grins*; we are going to be getting some new neighbor's down by them *crosses fingers* hopefully by mid-march. Maybe all of us can get together for a big dinner once we all have stable houses to live in, granted Jon and Mark have one already.

On another note ...

sometimes I worry about the fact that me and Silver are doing all this with the limits we have but we are still loving every minute we are here and the fact that Silver has gotten healthier since we have moved here is a big plus. we have learned a thing or two since we moved here back in April of last year the biggest is.. even if you can't buy everything you need _BUY SOMETHING_ you'd be surprised at how fast you can acquire things if you buy them slowly over time. If we had bought building supplies before we got this shed we could have had something built, so please learn from us; and buy what you can. That is how I am doing my seeds this year I have 5 ordered and I will be ordering more in the next couple of months.

Hope everyone is staying warm

Be Well and Blessed Be...


  1. I love the idea of the birdcage dome. We have always wanted to build an earthship, maybe one of these days. :) Have you heard of earth bag building,, I have actually seen these and want to build some. I know what you mean about getting kids to help out. We moved to our place a little over a year ago and sometimes it's like pulling teeth to get them to help. What part of Mo. are you in? We are in NW ark. near Fayetteville.

  2. We are between Lebanon and Springfield almost exactly between. We have seen the earth bags and well, with this very clay soil it would take for ever to do our own earth bags. We might someday put earth bags on the outside for extra strength but that is further down the line.