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Friday, February 18, 2011

Looks like the "truth" is not posted here

Yep you read right, no truth here; nope not one bit. At least according to the "Dervaes Institute's" Press Release:

Specifically this quite from this press release:

"Blogging is often confused with reporting; and there are now cases where people have engaged in a negative blogging campaign aimed at discrediting the Dervaes family. Whereas professional reporters substantiate their news before publishing stories and are careful not to make slanderous statements, bloggers have no editors and often demonstrate little or no interest in supporting their claims with fact. As a result, irresponsible or malicious blogging can cause harm to people and businesses."

So those of us who blog do not post truth nor facts, well first off to this "family"; -YOU HAVE A BLOG TOO-. I guess what they post there isn't factual either, and make slanderous statements about others too. You guys at the "Institute" are not professional writers either, nor are -YOU- reporters.

Another question do you give "credit" to those you "borrow" things from? Here take a lookie here, I personally did not write this but as the person wants to keep their name out of it all I will say is thank you to the person who passed it along to me.

One of the cornerstones of the D's work is their 10 minute "Homegrown Revolution" video. I count 3 popular songs used in that video. The first sounds like Bob Dylan, not sure about the 2nd, and the 3rd might be U2? I wonder if they got the proper permissions (or paid the fee) to use those song? Doesn't YouTube pull down content that is copyrighted?

HOMEGROWN REVOLUTION - Radical Change Taking Root
HOMEGROWN REVOLUTION T-SHIRTS NOW AVAILABLE: MEN'S: WOMEN'S: Path to Freedom presents 'A Homegrown Revolution' A collaboration of select

Plus, they have a longer video that they offer for sale on their website. I haven't seen it, but I'd be the farm (so to speak) that it also contains those 3 songs. Anybody know how to navigate the YouTube complaint system and inform them that copyrighted material has been posted without permission?

So again I'd like to point out according to this "family" we who blog don't check facts, and since we aren't reporters we must not be truthful. -HEY GUESS WHAT-? I never stated anywhere I was a reporter. However I do "report" things I do, or find so that I might share them with others who think as I do. Part of this "Urban Homestead" or just "Homestead" movement is to -SHARE- our ideas and ways of life with others so that others may learn and grow with the information provided.

The best thing in the world about humanity is the ability to make choices in what we believe or want to do with ourselves. So you know what? If you don't like our information then -DON'T- use it.. -PLEASE DON'T- use it, I'd hate to give someone information they don't want to use and they felt they had to; but hey that is a choice to use or follow something.

You also say we are hurting you by blogging about how we think it is wrong, well know what? If someone -WANTS- to follow you and they know everything everyone says about you (or at least the large portion there of) then they will follow you if they believe in you. Guess what? Not everyone is happy worth you due to the fact that this "Movement" is suppose to be about sharing information.. generally for -FREE-, limiting the flow of information is a -BAD- thing which is what you are doing.

I -PERSONALLY- (note I said personally therefore it is a opinion) hope you lose these 2 trademarks; and that maybe you might get some sense and if you feel you need a trademark then trademark:

"The Dervaes Institute Urban Homesteading Style"

That would be a great trademark for you.. but then again as I am not a reporter just a blogger (poor me), it's only an opinion and not based on fact. (at least according to you)


(I am a blogger and not a reporter therefore please note that some of my materials may not be all there is out there in the world or internet on the subject and I might get something wrong. I'm sorry but it's human nature to make mistakes) <--- This is going to be the newest joke on the web.

Be Well Folks and Blessed Be...

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  1. Well spoken and written,for NOT being a reporter*wink*

    What it amounts to is that this family has gotten caught with their had on the cookie jar trying to install a padlock and now are suffering the results of their actions. What better way than to play the shift and bait game and put the blame off on someone else, even claiming threats to their family.

    Put on your big boy pants "D" family and stand up and admit you've been weighed and measured and found wanting!

    I too am just a simple minded blogger with this disclaimer:(I am a blogger and not a reporter therefore please note that some of my materials may not be all there is out there in the world or internet on the subject and I might get something wrong. I'm sorry but it's human nature to make mistakes)*wink*