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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Fun Days...or not

Well this morning was beautiful, gorgeous sunrise; not too cold. We went out grocery shopping this morning first driving to Sheatlers, spent less money than I thought we would and bought more than I planed; which is always good.

Then on the way over to Penny Pincher in Marshfield, we swung by Baker Creek; partly out of curiosity and partly due to the fact the kids wreaked my catalog from them. Silver pretty much dragged me there as I really wanted to finish grocery shopping as it has been warmer and we had meat in the car. Then after I walked in the seed store, he had to drag me out to leave *grins*.

We headed then to Penny Pincher via Hartville as it's the only way we know to get there on that side of Hartville, and as we turned the corner at 38 I heard a odd noise; and figured we must have drove through a pot hole.

Well we got halfway between Hartville and Marshfield when we started hearing a funny noise, Silver stuck his head out the car and then promptly told me the driver's side front tire was flat. Oh Goodie! By this time it was faster to drive all the way to Marshfield, than drive back to Hartville.

Well, it lasted almost all the way into Marshfield and we had to pull over at a mini storage and see if the spare was holding air. As you can see it apparently is holding air, so we are now dealing with "Toy Tirehood" again. Though as we were leaving Marshfirld we did discover that it might not have had enough air in it and had to scrap up the last bit of cash to air it up (no free air yuck). including using up one quarter I was saving, I'm a 1976 baby so when I find a bicentennial quarter I save it. I had managed to keep one in my wallet for the last year, but needed to go home more; and I would have felt silly keeping a quarter and calling for a tow when I probably will find another. Did I also mention as we changed the tire we noticed the front axle is going bad?

I will say I am sooooooooooooo sick of this car! HEY! anyone near me know of someone selling a truck that's inspectable for under $1000?

With all the shopping today and feeling wonderful about managing to stay in budget and get a little more than I normally would. We forgot 2 things peanut butter, and bread yeast; guess I am trying to grow my own bread yeast sooner than I expected. We found something interesting though at Sheatlers, me and Silver love hot foods and we found a pepper jack version of "Velveeta" cheese (yeah I know it's not good for you but it's affordable right now); will let everyone know if it tastes good (making hot mac and cheese tonight).

On that "healthy eating note", I'd like to point something out. Silver and I have cut soda pop completely out of our diets, also aside from the "oh my Gods I'm hungry" moments while shopping no "junk" food either. I have not eaten a bite of commercially made cereal in at least 2 months, I have felt much better than normal since as has Silver.

Now I will say if you do something like this and get offered when you go out a pop... don't give in... you -WILL- regret it. I had gone over to the neighbor's one day when Silver was not feeling good to do laundry and she offered me a pop, well I accepted it and drank it. The rest of that day after I got back home I felt so sick to my stomach, the only thing "different" in my diet was that one soda; just one to make me sick for half a day. That should say something to everyone about the "benefits" of ingesting them.

Be Well and Blessed Be...

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