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Saturday, February 19, 2011

A day in the Woods

Well we took some time this morning to "walk the property" it is beautiful; yes we seem to have a large number of downed trees from an ice storm a few years ago. No big deal though they will eventually become firewood. I have taken a few pictures while on our walk and discovered that our lens on the camera now has some kind of problem so sorry in advance about "foggy" images.

This is one of 2 rocks I found like this yesterday while we were cleaning up out back, I thought the combination of the moss and lichen(sp?) and the limestone rock wonderful in the late morning sunlight.

Here is the other one:

isn't she pretty?

This is one of two pictures I took of "green" popping up out from under the leaf litter, all this warm weather has gotten everything to start to grow out here. I do hope we do not have a nasty cold snap which would probably kill it.

This one has some lighter green leaves which are from some plants my girls brought home from school last spring. Their teacher called it "pillow weed" and when they get bigger I'll post a better picture (hopefully) so someone can tell me what it really is.

Now this next picture is of our "potato experiment" for this year.. I do hope I can oder heirloom seed potatoes before too late. If not I will buy some nearby. For now I do have a few sprouters in my kitchen, most of which are fingerling's. I am going to plant them too, I have planted 2 of the fingerling's already just to see if I can get them an early start.

This is the remainder of the goat manure I harvested from my neighbor last year. it has spend time since I'd say midsummer last year till now sitting in a pile and getting weathered on. WE are going to dig small holes for the seed potatoes and lightly cover them, then go and get some straw bales and use the straw to cover the plants as they grow; as thickly as possible. We will see what comes of it!

Alright one more picture from my "walk" It is one of my favorites it's a dead tree:

I personally thought this was a pretty tree for a dead one, the light and dark on it in just the right proportions. The clear forest field around it leftover from the canopy it must have had. It must be a great home for bugs (woodpeckers yeah!), and who else knows living in it. I can't wait to see what spring will bring to my little piece of the woods!

On another note I have heard -FROGS-! these last few days I guess they got woken up from all this warm air. Yesterday when we were cleaning I found a very small woolly Caterpillar(sp?) too and we saw a grasshopper this morning! I haven't experienced weather south of Chicago since I was about 5 so I am enjoying what I consider "an early spring"!

BE Well and Blessed Be...


(I am a blogger and not a reporter therefore please note that some of my materials may not be all there is out there in the world or internet on the subject and I might get something wrong. I'm sorry but it's human nature to make mistakes) <--- This is going to be the newest joke on the web.

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