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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Warm Weather

Well, the last few days have been warm and like I posted before we are enjoying our bathtub again, today is no exception. There was one slight problem though, -MUD- lots of it; and it's everywhere.

This is a good solid oak board we have put out by our bathing area as the mud is so bad on that side of the shed Silver's boots got caked. It was serving a good purpose under our clothes line and we have a few sheets of paneling that will substitute it as they got wet during the winter.

This lovely patch is what is left of the goat manure I dug up in our neighbor's barn last year. It has been sitting since I last used some mid summer last year. I have plans for this pretty stuff, tomorrow I plan on stirring it up and then moving it to near where I want to try to grow potatoes this year. I have a few store bought (yes I know that they shouldn't grow) that have been sprouting. I have located a place that has heirloom seed potatoes thanks to a friend of mine!

That is the web page you can find them on, I am hoping when I get my taxes done and it comes back and before to much longer I will order some from them. Otherwise i will keep my eyes open for them locally.

On another note, again there is a good possibility our internet will be off when we get up tomorrow morning, if it is i will not be posting for at least 2 weeks. Also if people want to give us a hand somehow and don't feel comfortable with that "donate" button hanging up there. I have set up (even though I do not like some of their policies) a wishlist, a mailing address is included so if you want to order us one of the books on it please feel free too. It is listed under my gmail which is:

Thanks in advance if you choose to do so, I will post thank you's on here when I can to all who do.

That's all for now folks,

Be Well and Blessed Be...

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